2019 NFL 1st Round Mock Draft Collaboration Pt. III (htoutlaws)

Welcome back again so we had two new takes, two major veteran in this thing all comes down to the big one ladies and gentleman the Mel Kiper ladies and gentleman (me) htoutlaws.

The Arizona Cardinals are now on the clock
Team Needs: QB, OL, DL, CB
Hello revived Phoenix Cardinals how nobody has missed you. Like the last off-season i’m still not digging most of the moves Arizona has put together. Last year it was get three quarterbacks this year they may actually look to restart from scratch and that can be a major risk seeing that you are likely to pick in the top 3 again next year. With a offensive minded head coach one would suspect they go for an offensive player #1 perhaps so, but logically why not take the best projected player on the board in this case. Yes that’s right as bad as Josh Rosen was in his first year let’s pump the brakes see what he does in year two because i’m going a more different direction. ‘‘With the 1st pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Arizona Cardinals select… Nick Bosa, Defensive End, Ohio St.’’ If I were the GM in this case do what’s right pick the Vontae Mack in this case do not go after the Bo Callahan's in the world in which that’s what Kyler Murray reminds me of from his size that equals to myself. If they can get an opposite to an already impressive Chandler Jones than I could see this team be better in the future, but taking a quarterback is not the solution in my book.

The San Francisco 49ers are now on the clock
Team Needs: WR, G, S, CB
Hey not too bad picking in the top 5 in this case this team has the talent clearly, but they end up doing so poorly due to the injury prone nightmare that derails there big potential. If they wanna turn the corner from a seat already flaming for Kyle Shanahan Give Jimmy G. an extra weapons at Wide Receiver he doesn’t have a definitive #1 to go to other than Greg Kittle who has become their superstar in passes time to change that one dimension type feel of offense. The offensive line is an obvious weakness somewhat, sure Richburg had a down year give him one more shot if he doesn’t adjust cut him because the bigger picture if your Guards suck. You gave Laken Tomlinson a travesty of a 3 year extension, and Joshua Garnett is a bust who can’t get on the field healthy and when he does it is not always a sight to see. I fought about them as a potential team that would trade, but no after thinking about it why get another game changer for the taking. ‘‘With the 2nd pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The San Francisco 49ers select… Josh Allen, Linebacker, Kentucky’’ His a very versatile type player you can plug in as a edge rusher from up front, and in the middle you could make a case his the best player in the daft, but he’d be a solid pick for this team as a wrecking crew disruptor.

The New York Jets are now on the clock
Team Needs: OL, RB, LB, DT
I do like the future of where this team is heading in terms of general idea where they wanna go, but at the same time some of their pickup are a massive risk. I would of understood if they hird Adam Gase as a quarterbacks coach, but to actually give him the head coaching duties so strange hiring the enemy in this case. Le’Veon Bell is not the reason why running back is a need it is more less there for cutting Isaiah Crowell foolishly. Meaning you need another tail back in that case i’m sold yet on Trenton Cannon or Elijah Mcguire you need two quality tail back to win today’s league, and with Bell gaining 35-40 pounds i’m a bit weary about this is how Eddie Lacy’s career ended going to Seattle. On paper I fought Jets would have a much better stellar protecting line, but they just do not gell well, and they decided to target two Guards this off-season Tom Compton whose injured prone, and Kelechi Osemele traded by the Raiders which i’m a little mixed about, but committing to that offense would be the way to go at this point. Yet they do need help on the defensive side of the football believe it or not. Yes I’m fully aware they managed to get C.J Mosley, but this would not have been a more clearer need if they had signed Anthony Barr sooner. The guys around him though aren’t that good maybe he can help them be better, but your better off getting somebody like a Devin White next to him would really benefit greatly. What was once a strong defensive interior is now all gone, and now all that’s left of it is Leonard Williams otherwise no nose tackle can be found or opposite to him for that matter. ‘‘With the 3rd pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The New York Jets select… Quinnen Williams, Nose Tackle, Alabama’’ Yes sir as cliche as it is you’d have a Williams to williams connection for gang green to improve in stopping the run a lot better in this case. Although for Sam Darnold it doesn’t benefit him that much.

The Oakland Raiders are now on the clock
Team Needs: TE, CB, DE, QE
I actually like what the Raiders did go after in the off-season thus far are they there yet no. I could see this team look like their old selves of the glory years perhaps the irony of seeing Antonio Brown and Vontaze Burfict on the same team should be very intriguing. They look to have improved their linebacking core also grabbing up Brandon Marshall of the Broncos that is. It looks to be Beast mode isn’t coming back on the team so instead you invest in a guy who wasn’t that bad in Cleveland or with the Jets im Isaiah Crowell you may need a #2 behind him. The defensive interior still needs a little bit more help especially near the edges is where this team proves to be weak against the run. Luke Wilson is a downgrade of Jared Cook, and your better either drafting a Tight End at some point in the rounds or just let Derek Carrier get all the catches. This is a very average if not below average looking corner tandem I have ever seen. Tevin Lawson is a penalty nightmare from Detroit now fittingly goes to the black hole. Gareon Conley still hasn’t exactly shown me his that first round talent he was brought up to be. And Darryl Worley gets arrested and somehow gets rewarded one last shot with guess who Jon Gruden giving you another shot. Then lastly there is the possibility of Gruden considering Derek Carr’s replacement up high in the draft it is possible not gonna rule that out either. ‘‘With the 4th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Oakland Raiders select… Montez Sweat, Edge Rusher, Mississippi St.’’ This is who I would go more after if you were to replace Khalil Mack with a guy like this. No need to get Murray if he is still on the board think about what’s best available at that point.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are now on the clock
Team Needs: CB, S, OL, RB
Bruce Arians what well he do, and can he fix Tampa Bay’s woes in the next decade? First off it is time to be rid of that cornerback tandem you have their is horrible Vernon Hargreaves looks like a bust this is it for him. Keep attacking the secondary until it hurts because the safety play in 2018 was not that consistent enough, and furthermore Andrew Adams was technically speaking your best player in that position pretty sad I must say a backup is better than there two starters. Speaking of even stupider I remember the pre season game and how Tampa’s offensive line backup starters were far better than the actually starters I mean it is time to figure this out now there is talent on this team you know. I hate to say this, but you need a more consistent tail back as hardworking as Peyton Barber has been his not getting those tough touching yards enough. While the offensive line is to blame for this Jameis Winston only has two option one go to Mike Evans, or go for a two tight end set time to shake that offense up. ‘‘With the 5th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Tampa bay Buccaneers select… Greedy Williams, CB, LSU’’ Although it is overreaching look at the size of this guy, and the ability alone its what the Bucs will need in the long run especially when after 4 years a much shorter corner has proven to be an utter failure.

The New York Giants are now on the clock
Team Needs: QB, CB, DL, C
The New York Giants are coming off the terrible decision to start from scratch again. The fans are outraged by the fact all the GM’s at this point are fleecing Gettleman fairly easy like. The fact you're going into a rebuild and may actually plan to replace Eli Manning would be considered a failure nothing more, and nothing less. They really badly need a shutdown corner Janoris Jenkins came off his worst year as a pro, and frankly i’m surprised he is not gone from the team at this point of all the stupidity they just pulled a month ago. In the second half of the regular season the teams defense got dramatically worse at stopping the run thanks to shipping snacks to Detroit this is also a must address situation. There is also the option to build up that O-line for Eli Manning which sounds like a cliche type pick for the Giants to make at this point. ‘‘With the 6th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The New York Giants select… Rashan Gary, Defensive End, Michigan’’ I could see this happen Gettleman will be stubborn, and be foolish to pass up on a young quarterback like Haskins or Murray (if he is still there for the taking) in return take a guy who i’m not that high on in Rashan Gary of U of M.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are now on the clock
Team Needs: WR, TE, RB, OL
The Jaguars need nothing more than just plan offense to focus on in this draft I would not think about touching defense the first three rounds that would be very questionable logic seeing Nick Foles does not have a lot to work with. Give him a top tier receiver if you need to. Leonard Fournette has me worried the last two seasons with him being banged up and all get a second tail back T.J Yeldon does not appear to have resigned. There is one notable Tight End out there for the taking so its not way off the scale to imagine them taking one at seven. With Cam Robinson going down and Ereck Flowers had to be the temporary replacement let’s get an insurance policy next time this happens again. ‘‘With the 7th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Jacksonville Jaguars select… T.J. Hockenson, TE, Iowa’’ Okay this is gonna come off very weird seeing I actually would be alright if the Jags do give Foles some sorta weapon. Sure Metcalf was still there, and Taylor. When I think what’s best for the team right now though what was Foles is favorite target when he was in Philly Zach Ertz so if the GM is smart by doing this give Foles what he wants at a medium sized strength capacity.

The Detroit Lions are now on the clock
Team Needs: TE, CB, DT, QB
The Lions have had a very mixed offseason so far, A lot of Patriots players come in, and then overpaying on guys like Jessie James, and or Justin Coleman Bob Quinn better hope this actually work because he and Matty patty’s jobs are on the line this season coming up. Sure they addressed the position itself, but at the same time I can’t imagine Jessie James being any better in Detroit if his major highlight reel was getting robbed of a game winning touchdown in his time in Pittsburgh. He’ll be more of blocker support then to actually catch and haul in is what I suspect. Darius Slay is one of the best corners right now, and next to him there are some pretty bad options to go with. Nevin Lawson was atrocious, Teez Tabor looks like an overreaching slow 2nd round corner few years ago now. DeShawn Shead you kidding me, you still need like a 3rd guy to make things more uncomfortable for the quarterback to have a tougher outing who to throw to. Speaking of quarterback let’s talk about the most overrated of them all Stat padford who I knew his playing ability would fall once he signed that deal a few years back this is like giving Jay Cutler that dumb contract Da Bears pulled in 2014. If they take a backup quarterback i’m all for it, but that hopeful wishing on my biased part. ‘‘With the 8th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Detroit Lions select… Ed Oliver, DT, Houston’’ I would be okay with them taking Oliver considering in the early portion of mock drafts he was near the top and him falling at Eight could be very possible to see.

Trade Alert! The Miami Dolphins have moved up to the ninth spot giving up their 1st next year, and a 3rd rounder this year to the Buffalo Bills.
Team Needs: QB, OL, DL, RB
With this trade what position do you think they would want they finally dumped away Ryan Tannehill. Ryan Fitzpatrick is not the long term answer obviously is it gonna be a quarterback who comes off the board? Yet again would they be thinking more about the trench seeing how worse it has gotten in Miami? Tail back would be way overreaching at this point no running back in this class is worth high 1st round status. ‘‘With the 9th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Miami Dolphins select… Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma’’ There is it, and to be honest if Dolphins are gonna rebuild I wouldn’t mind them taking Murray it would make them interesting to watch if they don’t take a quarterback in the early portion it makes things look pretty dull to know how much they really are tanking in the first year of Brian Flores.

The Denver Broncos are now on the clock
Team Needs: WR, S, NT, QB
Oh dear lord help me John Elway manages to survive while Vance Joseph was a mistake of a coaching hire. As much as I like Vic Fangio and all well he be any better I have seen this formula before it goes half and half in the past. They still need weapons for Joe Flacco you got a very average looking receiving core led by Emmanuel Sanders. The secondary is all busted up, and while they did address the corner position fairly well with Bryce Callahan following his defensive coordinator its the safety back end that has me a bit worried the orange crush is slowly going down more and more. Seeing they’ll go more of a 3-4 defense plug in a big body to stop the run, and who exactly is there that can do that i’m sure there is one to be had i’m sure. They still need a quarterback Case Keenum was not the long term guy, and Joe Flacco unless he can prove others wrong based on the massive decline is no Peyton Manning by any means despite having a very good post season record. I mean look who the backups are in case he does get hurt again Garrett Grayson never played a regular season snap, and Kevin Hogan who was apart of that terrible 2017 Browns team we know how bad he is brother. ‘‘With the 10th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Denver Broncos select… D.K. Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss’’ It would be odd for Vangio to go with a receiver, but hey this makes sense Elway like big type of guys, and while Sutton didn’t have the type of season that could of been possible he would get better partnered with this 3rd option receiver.

The Cincinnati Bengals are now on the clock
Team Needs: QB, OL, TE, LB
The Bengals coming off a somewhat predictable losing season, but finally Marvin Lewis is no more and Hue Jackson is not the replacement many expected well they seem to be doing the right thing so far. Yet like the Packers though you hired a guy who has ties with Sean McVay in Zac Taylor who did a good job with Jared Goff by all means, but I can’t see the fixes to be repaired on the soulless Red rifle at this point in his career. Your offensive line still blows, and while Billy Price was a guy many thought was gonna land with the Lions glad to have Frank Ragnow at this point, but this following season well tell me if his a bust Center from Ohio State (Price that is). You horribly extended Bobby Hart at right tackle whose one of the worst tackles in the league look at all the Giants fans rejoicing not having the worst tackle combination anymore. Tyler Eifert is just sucking the life out of his playing career because since his big 2015 season he has gotten hurt ever since. Tyler Kroft is off to Buffalo see how he does there. Meanwhile I think having a new weapon or at least block effectively could help shape things for Joe Mixon in this case. With Vontaze Burfict gone finally just maybe now Cincinnati can finally become a rebuilding team to take seriously again. ‘‘With the 11th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Cincinnati Bengals select… Drew Lock, QB, Missouri’’ One of the biggest stories could be the falling of Dwayne Haskins lately surfacing, and thus the Bengals will fold and instead pick lock of the Tigers. While Devin White is still on the board who would take advantage of this to come.

The Green Bay Packers are now on the clock
Team Needs: S, DE, OL, TE
After another disappointing only this time with a mostly healthy Aaron Rodgers still could not get the job done with Mike Mccarthy outta the picture will the Packers get better quickly or get even worse. It makes me wonder what could of been a very good defensive that now may replace Muhammad Wilkerson for good making this feel like a very silent, but quiet exit for a guy who had a season ending injury. The team struggled in stopping the run since he went down there’s plenty of Defensive ends to be had in the mid portion of the 1st round. Now there left tackle there no need to go there, but man is he surrounded with some guys who are either just not good, or they can’t stay healthy enough for Rodgers to do a whole lot of room. Jimmy Graham has only played role of being a goal line Tight End or an extra blocker nothing more his glory days are far behind him it looks like. ‘‘With the 12th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Green Bay Packers select… Clelin Ferrell, DE, Clemson’’ Ferrell would fit right into this defense with veteran leader Mike Daniels by him this should provide better time to stop the run, and or get to opposing quarterbacks even.

The Buffalo Bills are now on the clock
Team Needs: OL, RB, DL, TE
So after trading back (favorites to do so) what will the Bills do now? They could be wise enough to take the best lineman off the board to improve protection for Josh Allen. A tail back this early would be far overreaching in the top 15. Get Kyle Williams replacement and or add another body in the interior of the Bills defense looking to be a weak link showing. Shady McCoy’s best days look to finally be behind him after Josh Allen out ran him there are some problems here. Frank Gore isn’t bad it is just look at his age for goodness sakes time to get a young half back this is like singing Terrell Owens when his career ended almost a decade ago. Tyler Kroft could be a nice weapon, but staying committed to offense would be a pattern of things to come. ‘‘With the 13th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Buffalo Bills select…. Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida’’ This would be an extra benefit seeing how he was with the Gators and his like a grizzly bear who can tug pretty well.

Trade Alert! The Baltimore Ravens are now on the clock after giving up their 2nd and 4th rounder this year to the Falcons to jump into the 14th pick.
Team Needs: LB, DL, WR, CB
With new GM Eric DeCosta it is the unknown what he’ll do, and I believe Ravens will make bold moves and this one they could need very much, and with this you could seen who they would take just to trade for exactly. With both Terrell Suggs, and Za'Darius Smith gone other places linebacker is arguably the top need for Baltimore, and there's a name starring right at them. Once again the offense has a problem lack of weapons for Lamar Jackson that I could also see as something where Jackson has only shown you his elusive skills than his passing game. ‘‘With the 14th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Baltimore Ravens select… Devin White, LB, LSU’’ After being projected towards the top 5 he falls almost ten spots down, and goes to a team that’s known to have linebacker lineage this would be a win win as something to have while also you could make a case for a different direction of offense though as well.

The Washington Redskins are now on the clock
Team Needs: WR, LB, T, QB
The Redskins look like the team I fought they would be, but play somewhat better than what I initially believed. Now with Alex Smith pretty much the last we'll ever see him realistically speaking they had to find a quarterback and for now Case keenum is gonna be that guy. They may be okay with that will show some spirit (unlike the Giants). If they have the chance get a young guy next to Keenum if you have the chance to which they probably do based on mocks of these other quarterback who could sneak in late 1st round. Jameis Crowder goodbye, Josh Doctson is okay, but has not lived up to his first round status. Paul Richardson technically speaking is the teams best receiver and he is their #3 that is sad the worst receiving core ladies and gentleman the biggest need for the last few years now. Ryan Kerrigan could use some support from two other sides of a wild looking 3-4 scheme defense. I wrote Tackle, but more less can they find an extra body to fill in anywhere more less. ‘‘With the 15th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Washington Redskins select… Devin Bush, LB, Michigan’’ Now this is the opposite of how I feel about Rashan Gary who I feel many analysts overrate severely for a guy who did not do much in his final year whereas with Devin Bush yes I can see where he could be a day one starter and potentially a good solid starter for the Redskins in particular.

The Carolina Panthers are now on the clock
Team Needs: OL, OLB, CB, TE
After a surprising turn that went array the Panthers find themselves in must make playoffs season situation. Cam Newton maybe safe, but if his head coach (Ron Rivera) is fired I could see a change of a franchise star in 2020 if not too careful. Yet they should focus on that dilemma next year for now what’s the bigger wide shot in this case? Carolina has one of the worst offensive lines in football next to Houston or Cincinnati getting a strong protector would be a start for a trench. Thomas Davis is no more, Shaq Thompson has been very solid next to Luke Kuechly they need another guy aside from the captain whose arguably the most important player on the entire roster. Donte Jackson shown up fairly well, and still build on aggressively getting a corner out there next to him. Greg Olsen is towards the tail end of his career, and that toe or foot injury or whatever it is seems to really get to him, and therefore you gotta think ahead while you still can. ‘‘With the 16th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Carolina Panthers select… Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama’’ Yes it is truly what Cam Newton would need in such dire straits of always taking a massive devastating hit even if he has no choice but to scramble.

The New York Giants are now on the clock
Team Needs: QB, C, CB, WR
Now after the tanking continues who else does Dave Gettleman have in mind to target now trading away Odell Beckham Jr? There are some quarterbacks out there who may fall in the mid rounds. Onwards with your constriction of the offensive line is the direction of the offense you gotta think right? Golden Tate is a solid wide Receiver and all, but you need another helping hand next to him and i’m not sure if Sterling Shepard can be that consistent enough to hang. Well since The G-Man took a defensive player to plug in upfront does it sense they actually continue to press for the backfield in particular? ‘‘With the 17th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The New York Giants select… Byron Murphy, CB, Washington’’ I’m not loving anything Gettleman has done, and the people in New York are gonna be absolutely lived for not picking the expected choices.

The Minnesota Vikings are now on the clock
Team Needs: OL, DT, S, RB
After a disappointing finish prior to going to a championship swapping quarterbacks ironically put them the team in reverse. The thing is sure you can blame the Quarterback fine, but when you have a really awful offensive line that’s inexcusable hate taken for measure. Linval Joseph is a very nice player, but could use some help in a 4-3 looking defensive scheme. Harrison Smith sme is the best safety in the league, and right next to him well was Andrew Sendejo who was getting hurt a lot counted unreliable, and thus need another guy opposite to Smith. Like I said for some other teams if you want a more balanced offense than you gotta try two different tail back in today’s league it goes to show you can’t win with only a prolific running back they can be beaten ask Ezekiel Elliott when he faced Suh, and Donald in the playoffs. ‘‘With the 18th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Minnesota Vikings select… Andre Dillard, OT, Washington St.’’ From two Washington opposing rivals comes a big guy the Vikings could seriously need after letting go Mike Remmers, and Riley Reiff ended up having the down year this would make sense completely.

The Tennessee Titans are now on the clock
Team Needs: OG, DL, WR, TE
After coming off a crushing loss to the Indianapolis Colts the Titans need to start thinking not just how to get back to the playoffs, but also how Marcus Mariota has been since his second year has been wildly inconsistent, and at times unaccounted for. Even worse somebody had to take Ryan Tannehill, and these sapps took the bait. Guard play was horrendous last season they gave a notorious 11 top the Ravens based off of how bad protection was close by more less. Seeing you goal was to get two young linebackers the previous draft let’s move more up the interior, and more closer to the trenches help out Jurrell Casey. Corey Davis isn’t enough despite a much better showing than his rookie year, and Taywan Taylor is okay, but where’s that consistent superstar at step forward in 2019? Another thing and I hate to say this, but like Greg Olsen it's time for Delanie Walker’s replacement to be found in this draft. ‘‘With the 19th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Tennessee Titans select… Dalton Risner, OL, Kansas St.’’ This might be a little overreached for a guy who is from late 1st round to early 2nd round. Yet from what I see from Risner he can play in the middle rather its Center or Guard it is a good pick maybe not like Frank Ragnow, but could be solid enough to fit in for the Titans.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are now on the clock
Team Needs: NT, CB, QB, WR
After the post triple B’s era can Pittsburgh recover quickly or fade a couple of years into the bottom pit? I’m not sure if Mason Rudolph will last long as backup to Big Ben, and in some cases could the Steelers be thinking much different especially near the middle portion of this draft. Artie Burns is atrocious giving up big time penalties at the wrong time followed by a burned up touchdown by the opposing Wide Receiver that needs to change quickly. Your defensive ends do a fair job, but up the middle there’s a weak point in stopping the run where’s the muscle man of power at? ‘‘With the 20th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Pittsburgh Steelers select… Deandre Baker, CB, Georgia’’ With only few option remaining the Steelers snatched up what was there for the taking, and one that provides much to a very weak secondary.

The Seattle Seahawks are now on the clock
Team Needs: OL, CB, DL, S
Seattle surprised many as a team to just barely have made the playoffs, and finishing fairly well meaning Pete Carroll truly commits for Seattle for now. I mean yeah they could take a small step back, but then again all they have to do is build in both trenches properly that determines many teams fate as to what ends up happening in the picture in this case the biggest need are the two interiors for the Seahawks. The backfield is still pretty weak in the defense and frankly it is possible to see them take a safety here realistically however this may not be where i’m gonna direct to. ‘‘With the 21st pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Seattle Seahawks select… Cody Ford, OT, Oklahoma’’ Duane Brown is fantastic left tackle, but plug him to the right, and your offense looks a little better, but well feel more like the 2018 Titans blocking scheme if anything.

The Atlanta Falcons are now on the clock
Team Needs: T, CB, RB, DT
It would sound a bit typical to trade back, but it would make sense for them to do so if they don’t like what they see in the mid teens. Falcons to have a tackle issue, and like what Seattle just snatched need to find that opposing body to Jake Matthews. Tevin Coleman is no more like I has suspected, but Ito Smith is a okay two to Freeman, but here’s my problem if he gets hurt don’t say you didn’t try to get a tail back in day two i’m not sure about day one fall that be odd to see happen. I think the team has a new identify in their safeties looking good on paper in Neal, and Kazee emerging in his absence. Yet the corner position just seems so average it could use a Deion Sanders effect something they have not had in so long. Trufant is solid, but Oliver i’m not sure what to say with the little provided. This one look like a clear cut reasonable ball to look at straight in the face Falcons need hat strong power interior to stop the runs because their edge players are there, but fall flat of poor support up front. ‘‘With the 22nd pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Atlanta Falcons select… Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson’’ Dexter Lawrence is still there, however Atlanta plays this safe with another solid tackler from the best interior defense in the country separated to other teams willing to add in some of those bloodthirsty Tigers.

Trade Alert! The Houston Texans give up their 23rd selection to the Patriots and slid outta the 1st round in exchange for a 2nd this year, and next year
Team Needs: EDGE, TE, WR, Backup QB
What is in the mind of Bill Belichick at this very moment? Will it be another weapons for Tom Brady? Or maybe perhaps his potential replacement if he actually retired? Maybe a pursuing edge rusher to make up for the loss of Trey Flowers. The biggest of all that may hurt is losing Rob Gronkowski sure he wasn’t all that in his final season as a blocker he was one of the best and that could be a glaring weakness for the Patriots if they pick up a Tight End who will have high expectations immediately. ‘‘With the 23rd pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The New England Patriots select… Marquise Brown, WR, Oklahoma’’ This could be the guy who gives Brady an unknown secret weapon rookie with tough gritty hands of steel.

The Oakland Raiders are now on the clock
Team Needs: TE, CB, S, QB
After taking a stud defensive lineman what will Jon Gruden do next? Can he find another Jared Cook? Derek Carr’s replacement could be sensing around this mark. The possible idea of shipping off Karl Joseph to a new team in exchange draft a new safety. Or press again in the secondary in taking a corner with such dire straits of such average starters. ‘‘With the 24th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Oakland Raiders select… Deionte Thompson, S, Alabama’’ He may have had a not an impressive combine, but there are times that should not matter when the tape says itself how good he can be in the pro’s, and as a Oakland maybe next (Las Vegas) Raider.

The Philadelphia Eagles are now on the clock
Team Needs: LB, CB, OL, Backup QB
Eagles took a hit this off-season in the defense some veterans walking away either retired and or went to new homes. Jordan Hicks is gone, and not a whole lot around Nigel Bradham this is what many could argue as the top need. Nick Foles is gone and loving the hot whether meanwhile not to say Wentz is good if not great when his on the field, but those injury scares make me a bit weary of the teams future if giving up Nick Foles was worth it. ‘‘With the 25th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Philadelphia Eagles select… Brian Burns, EDGE, Florida St.’’ Now technically the team is loaded at defensive end, but Burns being used as a linebacker is what there were looking more he could be a stealth viper assassin somewhere near middle to the edge where you would not see him coming.

The Indianapolis Colts are now on the clock
Team Needs: WR, DL, LB, S
The Colts surprised people to a great extent many fought they would still be last in what looked a difficult AFC South division. Towards mid season they showed off what they could do with the revamped O-Line, and that highlight was beating crowed winner Texans in their home turf what more damage can they do in this draft? Andrew Luck needs a better cast of guys around him T.Y. Hilton is good, but than to have Zach Pascal, and Devin Funchess as your 2, and 3 that doesn’t boat well. Now there are some very good pieces already established for this Colts team, yet they should keep going in attacking the other fence of the trench and that may smell super bowl champs building in the trenches is the most underrated thing in sports teams underestimate for splash players. Darius Leonard had an remarkable rookie year a 2nd round steal for that matter, and now you must provide him two more linebackers of that caliber look out Indy coming with train of full force storm upwards. Corner play seems to slowly coming alive from what I can gather, and Malik fought through pain, but still ended up playing fairly well, but there is a weakness in the secondary and it lies with the opposite aside from Malik there’s many safeties approaching the way in fact. ‘‘With the 26th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Indianapolis Colts select… A.J. Brown, WR, Ole Miss’’ If he fell all the way to the Colts this would be a win for this man’s career I could very well see him do extremely well in Indy and that’s saying a lot from the tape I see of him.

The Oakland Raiders are now on the clock
Team Needs: TE, CB, QB, RB
Alright now with two defensive players taken will chucky now be able to strike down offense smite the captain if anything? I mean they need an extra hand for blocking and tough needed yards per catch. Beast mode does not look to appear to be back in the black hole, and with Crowell not being a bad fit give him additional help behind the depth chart. If the this pattern were to continue then shall that be a shutdown corner for the taking. ‘‘With the 27th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Oakland Raiders select… Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio St’’ Finally the 3rd quarterback comes off the board, but if this were to happen this would be newest brutal way of showing off the green room if somebody was to wait from being a top pick to suddenly an almost late 1st round pick the last quarterback to wait that long Aaron Rodgers the rest is history could that be the story here?

The Los Angeles Chargers are now on the clock
Team Needs: WR, OL, LB, TE
Awe man Phillip, Phillip, Phillip deserves one ring come on Brady could you lighten you beat em to a pulp every time you two face off against one another. One thing he’ll definitely miss is having Tyrell Williams as the home run touchdown that he was for many games that season now off to a rival the Raiders who can be replaced in that predicament. The guard position right side needs better adjusting Rivers keeps on crashing down everytime I noticed all of last season. Another thing that was very obvious the Chargers had a Tight End problem right from the start Hunter Henry gone, and he was not 100% hopefully he can turn back into that young player he was in 2017 with up side. You have a defense where pressure is coming more up than in the middle in which the linebacking core is a weakness to the point a man in the middle is much needed. ‘‘With the 28th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Los Angeles Chargers select… Hakeem Butler, WR, Iowa St.’’ This is how you get a guy with similar size like a Tyrell Williams this is what a built Wide Receiver looks like he fits right in Rivers’s passing game.

The Kansas City Chiefs are now on the clock
Team Needs: NT, CB, S, WR
Chiefs were so close at making the super only to fall victim to the coin flip of doom. Yet the big takeaway is just how bad the defense has been the last few years now in particular. There isn’t a definitive nose tackle up front to warrant, and thus is a need from an awful crop left behind by Bob Sutton. More, and more defense heavy in fact your secondary was if not the worst in the league, and you got honey badger only to be rid of Eric Berry seems odd to get rid of a cancer survivor. This crops of corners ain’t the sharpest guys around which means is there some utility in the works? This is gonna sound crazy, and yet Wide Receiver ends up a need. Tyreek Hill great player, but his #2 is what Robinson? Watkins? No more Chris Conley it wouldn’t hurt to draft one later, but taking one here would be questioning the care for your defense. ‘‘With the 29th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Kansas City Chiefs select… Jeffrey Simmonds, DT, Mississippi St.’’ Although he just tore up his ACL which would scare some team to push him outta round 1 I say no, and trust your gut here.

The Green Bay Packers are now on the clock
Team Needs: S, OL, TE, WR
After taking Ferrell how does Green Bay follow that up? Get something that the fans knew would be an automatic need in safety losing two guys in one season essentially. While Adrian Amos is good give him support or he’ll leave in a heartbeat if he does not like what he sees. Aaron Rodgers is human after all, and the only thing that isn’t is his left tackle does an excellent job while everyone else is in limbo it seems like. Jimmy Graham is only used for blocking or the occasional touchdown endzone catcher get a two Tight End set to trick thing up for the opposing NFC North teams. Davante Adams has transformed into Jordy Nelson now, and Randall Cobb is gone which one of these players could be that next #2 or the next player they draft could that next X-factor to be had. ‘‘With the 30th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Green Bay Packers select… Nasir Adderley, S, Delaware’’ Would it feel ironic if they took the great descendant to hall of famer Herb Adderley doesn’t seem like a ironic coincidence should it?

The Los Angeles Rams are now on the clock
Team Needs: G, DL, S, EDGE
After some would say they did not deserve to go to what many dub ‘’the worst super bowl in history’’ matchup the Rams have no chance of resigning everyone, and it comes to should with what they’ll need to stay NFC Champs legitimately. Ndamukong Suh ain’t coming back, and still has not signed with any teams as of this time. Aaron Donald could use some assistance like monster presence could be what could be a missing link if it is not addressed here in the draft. Rams do not have a premiere guy to come off the edge they just have the freak generational Aaron Donald always bulldozing lineman right and left, but you gotta have somebody off the edge to provide massive support needed. Eric Weddle is a great piece to replace Lamarcus Joyner, but you also gotta think about the opposite end of him as well. One of the biggest losses for the Rams was letting go veteran Rodger Saffold to the Titans (let him walk basically). They don’t find that top tier Guard Jared Goff is gonna feel the heat from here and out the wall has been temporarily busted up. ‘‘With the 31st pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Los Angeles Rams select… Jachai Polite, EDGE, Florida’’ See now that’s what i’m talking about a utility player to change up the direction of tempo for Wade Phillips’ defense.

The New England Patriots are now on the clock
Team Needs: TE, EDGE, Backup QB, LB
Bill Belichick was able to get a big time weapon for Tom Brady, and with the possibility of going offense again in getting that next Gronkowski could be in order. One thing you noticed with Patriots’ defense in the shined weakness comes when you only see two linebackers in the scheme weird I know, but why not a 3rd in this case. Could this be a curveball, or a massive steal let us find out the final selection of the 1st round shall we? ‘‘With the 32nd pick of the 2019 Draft, The New England Patriots select… Dexter Lawrence, DT, Clemson’’ If this were to happen I deserve a medal and called it. The size of this guy is unreal, and while it is not a need or of any sorta he could be there next Vince Wilfork i’m not kidding when I say that he reminds me of that type of play making ability no doubt could be a star right away.

Goodell: That concludes round one of the 2019 NFL draft.