Top Ten 2019 Oscar Nominee Movie Snubs


The Top Ten

1 First Reformed

The fact that this masterpiece only recieved one nomination and bohemian rhapsody received several really says something - djpenquin999

2 Hereditary

When Melissa McCarthy gets the nomination over Toni Collette because Melissa McCarthy plays a character that doesn't involve her falling over. - nerffan8000

I get that the oscars could care less about horror but still - djpenquin999

Snub snub - iliekpiez

3 Won't You Be My Neighbor

The most praised doc of the year doesn't get a mention? - djpenquin999

4 Eighth Grade

Probably didn't make it because the academy was too out of touch - djpenquin999

5 If Beale Street Could Talk

Could've made best picture, but nope - djpenquin999

6 Burning
7 Sorry To Bother You

Guess people were too hyped about blackkklansman to recognize this - djpenquin999

8 First Man

Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy deserved nominations. - iliekpiez

Ryan Gosling played bored Ryan Gosling again but Claire was good. - Tia-Harribel

I loved this movie, and deserves more praise. - iliekpiez

9 You Were Never Really Here

Cinematography or adapted screenplay at least? No? Alright. - nerffan8000

10 Annihilation

The Contenders

11 Widows
12 Leave No Trace
13 Paddington 2

How about Hugh Grant, he was hilarious - iliekpiez

Forgot this, whoopsies - djpenquin999

14 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

'Avengers: Infinity War' also deserved a nomination.
But why on the earth Black Panther? - iliekpiez

If any superhero movie could get an oscar, it should've been this one (not BP) - djpenquin999

15 The Sisters Brothers

Not even a nomination for costume design or production design, seriously? - nerffan8000

16 Love, Simon
17 Crazy Rich Asians Crazy Rich Asians
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1. First Reformed
2. Eighth Grade
3. Hereditary
1. Won't You Be My Neighbor
2. Hereditary
3. First Reformed


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