Best 2020 Super Bowl Commercials

Hello again, and there are a lot of ads this year compared to the past collectively. After looking though the many ads that aired on Super Bowl 54 let's go back and look at the best ones of the bunch that stood out the strongest.

The Top Ten

Loretta - Google

A truly memorable ad that was far better than the one they aired few years back. Very touching, tearjerker that caught me at the right time viewing the game when you take the game seriously. Perhaps instead we needed to look at a life at a Google employee flash before his eyes while also having the audience grip right at the perfect spot. - htoutlaws2012

Groundhog Day - Jeep

Groundhog Day and the Super Bowl fell on the same day what a coincidence. What a great way to do an ad on the two things that fall in line. Also paying an homage to Bill Murray who had done a film dedicated to that holiday. While also showcasing the Jeep Rubicon the money making vehicle of 2019. This for me was the best of the car commercials and it aired very late. - htoutlaws2012

the best super bowl commercial of all time. I loved it.

As Good As the Original - Mountain Dew Zero

Bryan Cranston is a great actor, and the emotions he shows off here are priceless. Pretty funny classic horror parody worth a look if somehow you haven't seen this well than compare it to the Shining is the way to approach this. - htoutlaws2012

This parody is swell - Manlypants


Next 100 - NFL

As the game kicked off there was actually an ad in which the spirit of football will go on with these kids. Meanwhile here's all the legends again seeing these kids come down the tunnel in applause to how well they executed that pitch perfectly. - htoutlaws2012

Better than I could ever 😅 - Manlypants

Rick and Morty - Pringles

I like the sheer surprise and cleverness of this ad. Rick realizes oh no it was a pringles ad all along. Not does it do the selling of chips, but that this iconic show is here to stay, and for those who haven't seen how good it is in the genius context. - htoutlaws2012

Good Meme Content - Manlypants

Smaht Parhk (2020 Hyundai Sonata) - Hyundai

Many feel like this was the best of the car ads, and I say sure the Boston accent works well here with Dratch. Granted I'm not an advocate for self driving, but a good ad nevertheless. - htoutlaws2012

Lucky Dog - WeatherTech

Not many people actually bring this one up. If you have a pet you love much and end up helping for the sake of sympathy that's really a big help in itself. Heartwarming and relatable ad to those dogs in the world that can beat natural diseases. - htoutlaws2012

Before Alexa - Amazon

Not the biggest fan of this one, but the viewership it got on YouTube can't be overlooked either. - htoutlaws2012

Super Bowl now, Laundry Later - Tide

Charlie Day was one of the brightest highlights in the commercial ordeal. Of the story driven ads the best one was the first appearance of what became a huge laughing stock all the way down to the wire. - htoutlaws2012

Take 5 - Reese's

I initially missed this one, went back and bursted out laughing towards the end of it how clever the humor was. This will make you want a Take 5 in Reese's modified taste. - htoutlaws2012

The Contenders

Tom Brady’s Announcement - Hulu

Not the worst, but I wouldn't say one of the best either. The idea of tricking what will be the biggest name in free agency only for him to be Hulu's spokesperson instead. - htoutlaws2012

Jason Momoa - Rocket Mortgage

A little bit weird I'd say, pretty funny ending though which I can relate to. - htoutlaws2012

Sam Elliot and Lil Nas X - Doritos

Yeah I like how goofy the whole idea of it was. - htoutlaws2012

Lil nas xwx - 0w0uwu

Tribute - Planters (Baby Nut)

Baby Nut's adorable.

GAWD! His death will forever be in my head - Manlypants

When We Come Together - Bounty

Okat the star power here ends up working well here. Sofia Vergara along with Rob Riggle shooting up massive Bounty belt gear near the groin genius comedy gold. - htoutlaws2012

U Can't Touch This - Cheetos
Post Malone Bud Light Seltzer - Bud Light

I thought this was pretty funny - Manlypants

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