Top 10 Minecraft Developers Not Affiliated with Mojang

These are the most popular developers in the minecraft community that are not in affiliation with Mojang.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 TheBCBroz

A YouTuber that uploads plugin development tutorials.

2 Pogo

Known for making plugin development tutorials on YouTube. When wanting to know how to learn on coding plugins, this is your guy.

3 Brutus

Known for being the Development Lead for the most popular minecraft server in existence, Mineplex.

4 PluginCoding

Known for creating over 300+ Minecraft plugins (2016 estimate), and the assistance in development of the most popular mod pack called The Technic Pack.

5 WoopaGaming

Known for plugin development tutorials on YouTube.

6 AlexTheCoder

Popular Mineplex Developer.


An old developer that sadly left the community in 2013, he is responsible for some of the most popular minecraft plugins still used to date.

8 JoeProehl

A well known minecraft developer, also known for the creation of one of the most used plugins in existence called CombatLog.

9 Zzas

An old developer in the minecraft community that sadly departed in 2015.

10 582

A well known Mineplex Junior Developer.

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