Top Ten Dead Rising Psychopaths

My favorite top ten dead rising psychopaths. (Lots of DR2) Remember this is just my opinion you can always make your own on this site
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Tyrone King

Tyrone King. Or otherwise known as TK. Is a late game fight at the finale of Dead Rising 2. He's a real douche but I enjoyed the fight and the music. It felt like something that was needed late game after TK looks to further his plot and get rid of you and frame you. He kidnaps Katey and Stacey. you must rescue them while fighting him and make sure to not let them drop into the zombies below. I really like the ending of the fight as well.

2 Crystal Bailey & Amber Bailey

These two were a very memorable fight. You see them at the start of the game... You meet them at almost the end, They are basically TK'S Sources through the game. and at the end they really show a Psychopathic bond after one kills herself because the other dies.

3 Stacey Forsythe (OTR)

Again, In the alternate world of OTR, More people change, This is another final fight and I am sorry. I don't really have anything to say about it. this list is just mostly personal enjoyment out of the Psychopaths. and what it added to my experience.

4 Cliff Hudson - Dead Rising

The bad-ass military man. He is voiced by Steven Blum who also voices Tank Dempsy from the Call of Duty Zombies series. He's still a zombie slayer in this game, But you do feel bad for him after seeing that he was a good man, But he tells you "I went crazy hearing the screams of my grandaughter." Makes you wonder...

5 Randy Tugman

I dunno why, But when I think of Dead Rising I always remember this fight. Probably because it was the first taste of CO-OP I had. I had great memories of beating this guy every play through...

6 Chuck Greene (OTR)

Off The Record, Is basically an alternate version of Dead Rising 2instead of Chuck discovering the Fortune City outbreak. His right-hand man Frank does. Instead, I actually really like this idea and concept of game. so back to Chuck. This fight is actually pretty surprising early on if you played the second game. This fight is lower because this fight was so poorly done, It's instigated after Frank grabs the doll that is supposed to represent Katey chuck goes berserk swinging at him, This fight could have been so much better if it was later in the game and he was a stronger Psycho, But it's very early in the game and it's entirely optional... It would be notable if it was caused particularly by something Frank did.

7 Dylan Fuentes

This one just made me laugh so hard, It's a really funny fight and it's especially memorable. it's also worth the weapon... this fight just kind of made me laugh, The Psychopaths in Dead Rising 3 were a lot more comical.

8 Roger Withers & Reed Wallbeck

Firstly, I really enjoyed the music in this fight. Secondly, This is sort of random but the character Reed reminds me of a Will Ferrell character. The fight was average but fun taking two of them out instead of the usual one Psychopath, Anyways it was a good fight and I liked it, That's why it's at number eight.

9 Carlito Keyes

I honestly didn't know if I felt bad or good about killing him. He did cause the incident at Willamette...

10 Ted & Snow Flake

"Nice and slow." I dunno these are the first Psychos you will most likely come across. and it was a pretty nice fight to get people into the spoof of things...