Top McPe PvPers

Accurate list excluding myself so there's no bias.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 DeatoDreames

Deato has frankly always been the best player on here, just nobody realised it till he started uploading videos dicking everyone. He was very lucky to be in the best clan from the start so he had a reputation from the first day he swung his pixel swords, the strafe update (sprint update) was his time. And his prime is still going arguably, inactivity might come here and there but his channel is very successful and active. He's lost to players like barely (pot), mayor (stream Devine) but ultimately he's better. Everyone loses sometimes, that's just how it is. I myself pvped him back in 0.13 on the famous LC training server or HS (Hardcore Survival), he obviously just woke up though. And even though he had just woke up, he was difficult to kill. Very.

2 Kyrillos

Ky is widely accused of being Mayor, I personally believe he's FeiTJinxy. He was bought to the front of the community by HRZ, Barely quoted his tweet and replies to him. Barely being barely got him known for accusing him of being mayor, Ky has the exact same settings as mayor. Uses the same packs, has the same interests. And now he's aware and appreciates the joke he has mayors Profile picture and skin as his own, he's regularly beating overrated players and proving how the new gens are more and more worthy as more and more time goes by. I pvped him in a UHC server, we were around obviously but I saw him take a 1v2 and he could definitely rage- some top players.

3 ImBarelyTrying

Barely is ultimately never going to get better, he doesn't play as much as it takes. His prime was never really spectacular and the only reason he's still up here is because nobody else is trying to knock him down, PvP as a whole has become more UHC-based and the competitive tops died back in 0.14, he's a very good CB player and 1's player but he hasn't adapted his style as much as I would hope he would to become a better player.

4 Sharox

Allot of people will disagree, but Sharox is certainly someone people are jealous of. Frankly people know he's incredible and refuse to accept it, he pvps like a Aimbot skid on meth, he had the highest Elo on BlueWater until multiple times he got banned for "hacking" He gave deato a good fight and he doesn't have a ego the size of a mountain like allot of players in this community. I'm going to say give this guy credit for once, because people like him who shine and doesn't force it down your timeline are very rare.

5 Shado

Shado is a Japanese God. People who know him definitely appreciate how incredible he is, he has been HRZ for all of ten minutes as well. He's currently owner of the second best clan by wins, LqreClan (87) just behind heroes, he has all the European 'gods' in his clan and is most likely better than all of those. He doesn't have a ego, he's a genuine person if you get closer to him and he's a avid UHC persona.

6 Ziaxite

Zia was the most Unknown, underrated player in 0.13; he was one of the few 1p people who would beat 3pers. He finally emerged in 0.14 and topped many lists and quickly got into heroes, fought deato and then it all went downhill. He sat on his throne and didn't better himself, didn't do his best best. He was kicked from Heroez, shamed on YouTube, trash talked by 'friends' who only liked him when he was good and what's amazing is that he took it so well. The most underrated player of late 0.15

7 Equable

Honestly he would be so much more known if he wasn't almost ruined for reaching in certain servers, he was at the point where he was about to become a big league top5 and then Martin etc ruined it for him. He's been a HRZ player since his name was apart of the top 10 discussion and has beat high roller EZP players like ghoul on his channel, he would be allot better if he didn't rely on his gaming chair in CB's.

8 MartinJeanz

Martin is better than people say he is, and worse than others think. His ego was his let down for the longest time and recently he's grown as a person and will definitely make higher placing if he can record and take down some high players. He's a great owner, second to deato or shado. He was slowly rising till deato put him down recently in YouTube. He plays like a blunt deato.

9 TheFlameScotty

Most Unknown top 10 player in my opinion, almost beats/beats allot of known people. Has always used 1p mode and been accused widely; really good CB player who could carry a team any day. Should of been HRZ by now but he's a strong Lqre player ATM, if he's active he should be known in 0.16

10 Lixh

He is half known but I feel like nobody who says he's good actually thinks he's good, which he is. People say he's good to fit in, but they need to actually realise that Lixh would have become a top 5 if he didn't semi-quit recently, he's still HRZ today but it's a shame to see him go so close.