Reasons Why McDonalds is Better Than Burger King

Face the facts Burger King fanboys. McDonald's is better than that crappy restaurant Burger King. Here's why.
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The Top Ten

1 Better Tasting Burgers

Burger King claimed that there burgers are like from a BBQ but they are wrong. McDonalds have better use of meat and better tasting along with better textures.

2 Superior Marketing

Burger King's marketing is atrocious. At least McDonald's do a better job.

3 They are Older Than Burger King

McDonald's was founded in 1955 but the McDonald brothers were in the business in the 1940s.

4 More Healthier Food

They have salads there.

5 Great Deals

They have great deals like a buy one get one free options.

6 Better Mascot

Ronald McDonald is a better mascot than some pedo King.

7 Nice Advertisements

Facts prove it right.

8 The Fries are Way Better Than Burger King's Fries

The fries are crisp and salty. They taste great.

9 They Make More Money

They are rich because of the burgers they makes and other food.

10 More People Coming to Their Restaurants

A lot of people go there than Burger King.

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