Top 10 Worst Baby Einstein Videos

Top 10 Worst Baby Einstein Videos (MY OPINION)
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Discovering Shapes

Discovering Shapes is garbage. Parents and other people (*cough* *cough* GeeDeeDubya) need to learn how to deal with the CGI in Baby Newton. Discovering Shapes should have never existed and even Baby Newton never existed, I would still hate this video because it's boring and uncreative. It probably took them a day to film and edit this piece of crap before they released it. The music is good, as normal, but that's all. There is no effort put into it at all. DON'T BUY THIS!

2 Baby's First Moves

This video is good for babies, but, if you're like me and still like BE as an older child, WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO WATCH BABIES WEARING DIAPERS AND NOTHING ELSE ROLL AROUND ON A CARPET? Almost nobody, I'm pretty sure. The toys are interesting and the puppet shows are mostly good, but the music is bad. For Baby's First Moves, and only Baby's First Moves, I look up the real life versions of the classical pieces because the instruments sound very weird and not like normal Baby Einstein. Also, WHY ARE BABY GALILEO AND BABY the VINCI NAKED? If you have a young child, like maybe 5 or under, this is a good video for them. I recommend it for parents, but if you're like me and still like Baby Einstein at age 13, DON'T BUY THIS!

3 Baby's First Sounds

Baby's First Sounds is really boring. Most of the puppet shows are boring. The toys are ok but they are repeats from other videos. The music is good, like always, but its ruined by people making noises over it. They took nursery rhymes from Language Nursery and added animations to it, which is stupid. In conclusion, Baby's First Sounds is ba ba bad.

4 My First Signs

Some of the music in this video is from Lullaby Classics Volume 2. That's the only reason why I don't hate it. The rest of it is just weird and stupid. Well, some of the puppet shows aren't too bad, the toys are kinda cool, and the classical pieces, even the ones that are not from LCV2, are good. But it's just boring and babyish so I don't care for it too much. But, if you have a young baby at home, I recommend this.

5 World Animal Adventure

I love the animal footage in this video. I think the animal footage is good. The puppet shows are kinda funny. The music is ok, like World Music. Some of the toys are pretty cool too. But the sing along at the end, like World Music, SUCKS! This video is a little slow moving and boring at some parts too.

6 World Music

Good music. Neat toys. Interesting stock footage. OK puppet shows. Crappy Bard Puppet. Crappy sing along song at the end. Jane is wearing make up? Well, Julie Aigner-Clark told me that she started this project in 2003 after Baby Beethoven was released. But when she got breast cancer, the project was cancelled. Then in late 2008 Disney decides to pick it back up. And ruin it. Like seriously. New character drawings. Jane wearing make up. Weird Dave Privett versions of Legends and Lore Puppets. Wow Disney. Just wow.

7 Meet The Orchestra

Meet The Orchestra is ok. Instruments is a great idea to teach children. I really love the music and the puppet shows. The toys are fair too. But, this video is a little slow moving and boring, more than On The Go and Lullaby Time.

8 Baby Noah

Baby Noah is kinda a ripoff of World Animals (my favorite BE video). First of all, they used The Moldau (Lion in World Animals) and Contradance No. 5 (World Animals opening titles) and remixed them with very weird instruments. Some puppet shows are funny, but some are weird. Why are the dolphins on the ark? Can't they just swim? And it's very slow moving, especially when they show each animal like it's a lift and flap book that makes noise. The music is ok overall, some of the toys are ok, but this didn't need to be made. I recommend World Animals if you're trying to choose between the two.

9 Baby's Favorite Places

I love the music in Baby's Favorite Places. There are some interesting toys and funny puppet shows too. But it's a little boring for me. It's a little slow moving when they are moving back and forth between the buildings/items.

10 Baby da Vinci

Baby the Vinci is hated by many people for many reasons. I think there are some weird and gross parts, but most of it is good. There are amazing paintings and sculptures, funny puppet shows, cool toys, and outstanding music. I recommend it for babies, but for teenagers like me that still like BE, you can choose for yourself.