M88Youngling's List of LittleBigPlanet Evil Trolls

These evel trolls have schemed and attacked LittleBigPlanet for years. I place them here so that I may warn you to avoid these evel players that have tried to takeover my Union so many times.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Jukewannabe V 1 Comment
2 XX-Ribbium-XX V 1 Comment
3 TheTornTerraform V 1 Comment
4 II-Arrakis-II V 1 Comment
5 Huntsman007

Alder Gottersint. Jukewannabe's favourite spy and designer of levels. This evel trell is responsible for intercepting the Union via alt-accounts and spamming the Union wiki. He also creates anti-Union propaganda and works alongside Bruce in managing the chatrooms. Huntsman regularly hops between clans in order to destroy them from the inside. THIS TRELL NEEDS TO BE STOPPED BEFORE HE CAN GET HIS CLAWS INTO THE HEART OF THE UNION. - M88Youngling

6 ImperatorAdeptus

The original creator of Chaos clan. Imp works in the shadows alongside the evel Visarians. He used the troll art of memeing to attract attention to the Visarian Mandate and further their cause after he gave his clan to Starkiller237 who later became a member of the Visarian Mandate. - M88Youngling

7 Starkiller237

A lesser known evel trell, but still worked with the Visarian mandate so therefore is extremely evel and dangerous to our way of life. Unfortunateky he seems to have disappeared into the shadows before the ISAF could launch airstrikes at him. - M88Youngling

8 HomicidalChicken

One of Juke's political advisors. HC advises Juke on how to deal with other clans and draws up drafts for new government structures, which are usually inexistant in trell clans. HC is a veteran of RSR which makes him extremely dangerous to the Union and must be kept a close eye on. - M88Youngling

9 TheManWhoLaughZz

Owner of the VM puppet state, TLOE. ALongside Tomboy2011, TheManWhoLaughZz rages havok all over LBP in order to take over and install Tom on the throne of LBP. This trell is extremely dangerous as his plans threaten to invade the LittleBigPlanet Union. - M88Youngling

10 Primevaliam

This evel trell sought to take the presidency of the Union. He kicked Sevi from the Union to remove opposition, to which I was very salty about. I was very disappointed in Prime and my saltyness had reached a peak when he had been manipulated by evel trells, Huntsman and Bruce on the orders of Jukewannabe who wanted to use Prime to take over the Union. In response I kicked Primevaliam and anyone else affiliated with him from the Union and put the Union into lockdown. Nowadays Prime seems to have been transformed completely into an Evel trell and is therefore dangerous. - M88Youngling

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