Top 10 Video Games I've Played

Yas, this is aboot ME!

Deal with it.
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The Top Ten

1 Team Fortress 2

Now, I discovered this game when I was only 8, which probably wasn't very smart, since y'know, I was only 8, but Father Gaben's brain has expanded over the years, leaving us with so many awesome things like workshops, hats, community weapons, achievements and so much more. The next two on this list were discovered by me because of this game too, so thank you for this godsent, Gaben. Amen.

2 Overwatch

"Cheers, Love! The Cavalry's Here! "
I know, I know. You could probably tell I'm an Overwatch fan because of my name and my Profile Photo, but I don't love this game because it takes a hefty scoop of TF2 with extra chocolate chips, but because of the atmosphere. And how the game builds a great amount of character on each-- well, character. Which brings us to this mini list:

Top 4 Overwatch heroes!
1. Junkrat
2. Ratjunk
3. Garbage Mouse ( Thanks google translate )
4. Tarknuj ( My uncle works at Overwatch totally not lie )

3 Garry's Mod

It's like they took Half-life, said "Y'know, I like what you're doing here--
The only reason it's here, you ask?

I liek sandbox gahmes :3

4 Undertale Undertale

I'm starting to sound like a weeaboo, but hey. I like RPG's. and seeing a game as friendly as this made me spend that 10 bucks on steam.

Oh yeah, Halloween was today and one of my friend's brothers dressed up as SANNNES

5 Splatoon
6 Skate 3

Gotta love making the fattest and most ugly character the star of the show.

7 Five Nights at Freddy's 2 (Specifically)

I like the second one the most don't judge mehhh

8 Pewdiepie Tuber Simulator

Don't worry, It's not just all trendy games.
Poodiepah Tuber Sim is possibly one of the best clickers (If you can even call it that) I've ever played. I once played it for 2 days straight and jumped from level 6 to level 16 :D

9 Portal 2

Yes, specifically the 2nd one.
Now, I don't exactly have Portal, but thanks to the fact that my Dad has a gaming lounge near his house I've nearly beaten the game.

10 Animal Crossing: New Leaf

One of the games I missed the most after my 2DS broke, I loved animal crossing for every reason that I loved Overwatch. atmosphere. character. setting.