Top 10 Worst Pokemon Shippings (Games)

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The Top Ten

1 Namelessshipping (Red X Blue)

Red and Blue despise each other, and they deserved better.

2 Hoennchampionshipping (Steven X May) Hoennchampionshipping (Steven X May)

May is confirmed 12, and Steven is about 18-20. So people like pedophilia.

3 Ferriswheelshipping (N X Hilda) Ferriswheelshipping (N X Hilda)

Hilda is confirmed 14, and N is college age. So if you're that senior that dates a freshman for some reason, this is the thing for you. Not to mention it's way too overrated.

4 Tensaishipping (Steven X Brendan)

The same thing as Hoennchampionshipping, but yaoi.

5 Hardenshipping (Archie X Maxie)

The two despise each other, and have the exact opposite plans for what the good of Hoenn is.

6 Dancershipping (Tierno X Serena)

The fatass vanillite guy x one of the other rivals. It's just plain strange.

7 Isshushipping (Hilbert X N)

The same thing as ferriswheelshipping, but yaoi.

8 Airplaneshipping (Skyla X Elesa)

Skyla: Just because we're friends we should make out with each other!
Elesa: OK!

9 Kuroshipping (Hilbert X Cheren)

Don't know why I hate this so much, I just do.

10 GreySkyshipping

All Hugh does is act like a rival, not like a guy who would date other guys.

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