Top Ten Reasons Why Shrek is God

Here we will explore the reasons why we should worship our holy ogre Shrek.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Shrek Is An Ogré

Due to Shrek being an ogre, he is obviously an immortal being to our existence. Ogres are mighty spooky and shan't be messed with.

2 Shrek has a Donkey

Not just any Donkey but a talking donkey that can transform into a horse.

3 Shrek lives in a Swamp

Not every Ogré lives in a swamp but because Shrek does, he is easily seen as more powerful than other ogres due to his ability to make schtew.

4 Shrek has a Schtew

Shrek has the most amazing ingredients to make his good schtew including plantes and kiddies.

5 Shrek Voted for Trump

One o the main reasons that ShrEk is brillant is he voted for Trumpy in the election.

6 Shrek is Quite Old
7 Flooids
8 He has Fiona

Not everyone has a female girthy Ogré to live with. Hats off to Shrek for picking up this one. Plus he gets to poke with that sexy beast.

9 Shrek is secretly Optimus Prime

As the leader of the autobuns, Shrektimus Prime is an undercover robogre that is secretly hiding in the swamp until he is needed to defeat the Farceptiquads

10 Shrek is Love, Shrek is Lyfe

Because pedophiles.

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