Top Ten Best Things About Higgledy House


Seriously, Higgledy House is a very underrated TV program. It's about the life of Sarah-Jane and Justin, who go on dangerous adventures in life and death. From the acting to the SFX, I am going to write about why the show is great.
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The Top Ten


The special effects in the show are utterly outstanding. Yes. I recall seeing some parts that I couldn't tell if it was real or not, like this one scene involving Sarah-Jane sniffing a sock that moves on its own with race car sound effects. I didn't see any string nor stop motion moving it, which is awesome.

2 Plot

The plots of the episodes are fantastic and original. From baking a pie with chocolate and ketchup to getting rid of hiccups, Sarah-Jane and Justin will surely make you laugh.

3 Comedy

The comedy of the show is terrific. It avoids cliche moments that are unpredictable in many ways, and there is this one scene that truly had me in stitches: Sarah-Jane stabs two iced buns together with forks and puts them near the bottom of her head like legs, ridiculous but hilarious. Special mentions go this one scene in the Sick episode, where Justin was eating a plate of fish and chips, and after eating one chip the food suddenly vanishes, incredibly funny.

4 Characters

The characters of the show are likeable. That's about it, really.

5 Soundtrack

The soundtrack is great. It creates an ear worm in your head, and is very rememberable. Sadly, there was no CD release of the show.

6 Sound Effects

I love the sound effects of Higgledy House! I love the way Sarah-Jane laughs and how most of them sound like they come from them electronic keyboards.

7 Acting

Who needs to speak when there is a child reading about what is going on? It saves money and script writing, too.

8 Higgle Giggle

Whenever one segment ends, there is always a Higgle Giggle moment where children do stupid thing, like itching or giggling.

9 Computer Game

There was an addicting game based on the show, and it was mind-blowing. You click on random objects to see the characters do things, and there are stars to unlock new objects. I demand a PS4 release!

10 All of it

Yes! It's true!