Top 10 Reasons Why Carrie Fisher Did Not Deserve to Die

the #1 Star Wars actress, Carrie Fisher, who did Leia, is dead.
She had a heart attack and and just a few days later, she died.

It's a horrible moment for Star Wars and Hollywood, and 2016.
No wonder 2016 is the saddest year and December 27, the saddest day, for Star Wars to date.
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The Top Ten Reasons Why Carrie Fisher Did Not Deserve to Die

1 She was the Best Supporting Star Wars Actress

No doubt she was the best supporting Star Wars actress who ever lived.
And that shows you just how HORRIBLE 2016 was.

2 She was the First Female Character in the Star Wars Original Trilogy

Star Wars is a great series, and she was the first female character ever to be in Star Wars.
And that's disregarding the date Padme was born (as that was in the prequels, which were released later).

3 She Fought Though Lots of Challenges in Life

She went through SO MANY challenges in life, but she couldn't fight through a heart attack.
And as Leia, she fought through darkness and the dangers of Han Solo, yey she knew the force would be helpful with things.
But again, she couldn't go through a heart attack.
We should be more aware of them.

4 Her Character Role

She had such a good role and her character traits were the best of any female, and she was always on Han Solo's side.

5 Her Quotes

She did the best quotes of any female Star Wars Character.
"Help me Obi Wan, You're my only hope" "I know"
She was very sweet.

6 She Played the Wife of Han Solo

Her wife was the best movie character Han Solo, who was very brave and helped the galaxy, it was HORRIBLE when Kylo killed him though, Carrie's heart attack shows us that nature can't always be helpful.

7 Her Fans

She had the most fans of any actress in Star Wars.
Even more than Natalie Portman.

8 She Brought Females into Star Wars

She was the reason why putting Leia in Star Wars brought female Star Wars characters to life.
Without her, females wouldn't be played in Star Wars for real.

9 She Played the Sister of Luke Skywalker

He role as Leia was EXCELLENT!
And Leia was Luke Skywalker's sister.
Such a great relationship.

10 She Did a Scene Where Leia Saved Han Solo from Carbonite During Her Role

When Han Solo was on carbonite, he was taken to Jabba's Palace for a reward, but thankfully Leia saved him.
Still depressed that she died so soon.