Top Ten Facts About Flowersocks2137

Hey everyone! Sorry if this list seems incredibly mundane and unnecessary, I just thought it would be something fun to do! Feel free to write your opinion about me too, as I won't get offended!

The Top Ten

1 I love TheTopTens

Every single user on here is so nice! I maybe came across one rude one, but that'd be expected! Everyone is so pleasant and sweet, and love this site! It has it's ups and downs, but it's an amazing way to express oneself and it feels like we're all in a secret club, you know? Thanks everyone for being so incredibly fantastic! - Flowersocks2137

2 I enjoy painting and sketching

It's always been a passion of mine since I was really young, and I love looking at art too. It fascinates me how people can paint so realistically! - Flowersocks2137

3 I play guitar

I'm not good at it, but I really enjoy it! It's fun just to relax and play it once in a while. I wish I could sing along, but my voice sounds terrible! - Flowersocks2137

4 I only watch game shows

I love all of them! Match Game, Press your Luck, Family Feud, Deal or No Deal, the Chase, Card Sharks, Lingo, etc.

I only watch game shows, and, well also reality competitions (Heck's Kitchen, Masterchef, Face Off, Ink Master, Skin Wars, Cutthroat Kitchen, etc.)! - Flowersocks2137

5 I love writing Fanfiction

I know this sounds incredibly lame and cringey, and, well probably because it is lame and cringey... I just enjoy writing, it's relaxing and entertaining. Plus I love reading reviews, they are always so kind! - Flowersocks2137

6 I can't sleep without a fan

I just put this on this list to see if anybody relates... I like the noise and it helps me sleep! I also like the cool air hitting me too, it's comforting and nice! - Flowersocks2137

7 I'm allergic to milk

Again, I just put this on the list to see if anyone relates. It is annoying, and I really miss pizza, but I kinda found a way around the allergy. We found a butter without milk so that's amazing, as well as a brand of hot dogs without whey! - Flowersocks2137

8 I love the Maximum Ride series

I know Maximum Ride pertains to particularly younger people - it is generally for seventh graders as I am in ninth - but I still think it's an amazing series though! I just pretend the movie and the last six books don't exist... - Flowersocks2137

9 I love manatees

They are so amazing! I was obsessed with them in Elementary, and all my reports were based off of these animals. Due to my speech class, as my teacher had me read a book about manatees. Got me really interested! - Flowersocks2137

10 I love Pentatonix

I naturally enjoy hard rock and alternative, but this band makes me smile every time I hear it! They're so talented, and the group has gone so far! I appreciate every single member! - Flowersocks2137

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