Top Ten Movies I Hate but Everyone Somehow Likes

You know those movies everyone likes but you personally CAN'T stand. Well here's my list and possibly the most controversial list I have ever made (even though this is the first list I have made). So get ready to type in hate comments of why I'm wrong because I hate a movie you like.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Suicide Squad

Horrible in every way. With this movie I gave up on DC. Massively disappointing and really terrible. 2/10 for this garbage, this movie literally makes me wanna commit suicide.

2 Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones

Nothing resembles quality in every aspect of this bad sequel. It's boring, it's horribly written, the plot has no focus, the cgi is dated, the characters are just terrible along with bad acting to top it all off. 2/10 for this crap.

3 Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace

Even though it's technically better, it was a lot more disappointing than the second. The story had great potential but the execution was just horrible. Instead it's a unfocused mess filled with bottom of the barrel humor, confusing plot(s), forced love story, awful dialogue, and things that make the Original Trilogy more confusing. The cgi is dated and the characters are all annoying, racist and awful...okay Darth Maul is pretty cool though. What a complete waste of potential. 3/10, what an awful (Phantom) menace to film making.

4 The Cat in the Hat (2003)

Yes people liked this movie...this pop-culture filled,awful, terrilbly unfunny, butchered adaptation isn't worth my time. 1.5/10

5 Alice in Wonderland (2010)

How do people like this film? It's SOOO boring! The visuals are so grey and dark as if the opacity has been lowered down to 45% making this trash a eye sore. Don't get me wrong though, I get what it was trying to do, but the execution just came out so poorly it just couldn't get my sympathy. 4/10, also I refuse to watch the sequel.

6 Ice Age

Yes I do hate this movie (sorry). Talk about horrible animation, and even though it's the studios first movie, they should at least make it more watchable instead of horribly dated garbage. The story is filled with cliches like "the liar reveal" and the execution was pretty bad. Though the film does have heart so I'll give it that and the Scrat scenes are very funny. The characters are okay but the ones I can't stand are every character except Manny, Diego, and Scrat. The baby is barely a character and is usually there just to be cute even though its terrifying. It's bad and yes I do like the 2nd one and the 3rd one better however it is better than the 4th and the awful awful 5th one. 4/10, this films really feels like an actual painful Ice Age.

7 Jurassic Park: The Lost World

Seriously people? This is a masterpiece? This is just a bad sequel to what could arguably be the best film focusing on dinosaurs. The plot is so predictable and its even worse because it had a lot of potential. The evil corporation crap is just broken and awful. The kid's acting was horrendous. The characters are not interesting and some had a big downgrade. The message is preachy as hell. The dinosaurs though looks cool I'll admit, but I love dinosaurs so that's not saying much honestly. 4/10, this film was a lost potential.

8 Alpha and Omega

Yes this horribly animated garbage has a fanbase...No I don't want to say anything about this film except that I hate it SO MUCH. 4/10, The "omega" of good animated films.

9 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Yeah I was excited for this too, and this film almost made me give up on DC. The writing is crappy and the motivations are as weak as water. The only character I liked was Wonder Woman and there is ONE cringy character at least. The effects are amazing along with the action scenes so I'll give it credit, but I still hate it for the characters and poorly done story. 4/10, the Dawn of horrible DCEU movies.

10 Spider Man 3

Emo Peter Parker, horrible villain, very disappointing, so over the top, so cringy, my God, how do people like this film?! 3/10, the example of how a third installment shouldn't be made.