Top 10 Worst Korn and Linkin Park Songs

Despite how much we both like these bands we're not afraid to admit they have their fair share of trash. This list is just our opinion
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Burn It Down - Linkin Park

Just atrocious, the lyrics are generic, Chester's vocals sucks and not even Mike's rapping can save this song! - Jeff

2 Hating - Korn

Even though Untouchables is a great album, this song sounds like a crappy, electronic mess with a terrible beat. - Nik

3 Cameltosis - Korn

I really don't like Tre Hardson's performance in this song.- Nik

4 When You're Not There - Korn When You're Not There - Korn

It's a generic violent love-hate relationship song that sounds like a toned down version of the far superior My Gift to You.- Nik

5 The Messenger - Linkin Park

Terrible, the song starts out good, then Chester's screams ruin it, this could've been a good song if Chester didn't turn a peaceful song into a screamo fest! - Jeff

6 In My Remains - Linkin Park

Awful is the best word to describe this damn song! - Jeff

7 I'll Be Gone - Linkin Park

Painfully generic, dull and uninspiring for Linkin Park standards you would expect better god this song sucks! - Jeff

8 Fear Is a Place to Live - Korn

It starts out decent, but it gets pretty flat once the first hook starts. It's just a boring song with mediocre screams. - Nik

9 Skin to Bone - Linkin Park

Awful... to listen to and even more awful to get into it.- Jeff

10 Paranoid and Aroused - Korn

Awful for Korn standards... even Love & Meth sounds better than this song.- Jeff