Top 10 Things KianaLexi Would Like to Say to Her Siblings

Please don't judge me. If your siblings love you, good. I can't stand my siblings...
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The Top Ten

You all were never there for me and you never defended me when someone treated me like crap
I can't wait to move out and get away from all 4 of you
Just because we're related doesn't mean I have to love you
I don't want anything to do with you 4... EVER!
You always get away with everything!
I don't want to see any of you ever again
You (The Youngest 3) ruined my relationship with my older sister

When each child was born, my relationship with my older sister deteriorated terribly.

I wish the last 3 of you were never born

I know this is harsh... I regret wishing for more siblings after the 3rd oldest was born.

You are part of the reason why I'm like this
You leave me out of everything so how would you like it if something good was to happen to me and I didn't include you?