Reasons Why Ready Jet Go is Good to Watch

Reasons why my current favorite show on PBS is good to watch. this list is private
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The Top Ten

1 It Teaches You About Science

It teaches you great STEM concepts such as earth science, astronomy, and technology, which makes it a good show for kids

2 It Has Great Songs

Jim Lang composed them, and he's a great composer. The show doesn't have spoken repetitive off-beat crap that you see in other shows, the music in this show comes from genres such as 1950's rock and roll, and musical theater. The show has great songs such as the theme song, Tiny Blue Dot, The Scientific Method, and Night of a Bazillion Stars.

3 It's Funny

It has great jokes and humor, unlike other kids shows nowadays which use toilet humor and cruelty for comedy. It has puns, pop culture references, and good old randomness for humor, done in a fun, entertaining way.

4 It Breaks Stereotypes

The creators said that the show's goal was to break several stereotypes. For example, the show promotes girl power and diversity by including Sydney and Mindy, who are African American and Latina, respectively. A common stereotype is that scientists wear lab coats and work alone in a dark room, and the show disproves that stereotype by having the kids work together to accomplish scientific goals

5 It Has Unique Character Designs and Animation

Sure, the animation is kind of weird in the first episodes, and is prone to being off-model or having errors, but in the more recent episodes, the animation is much more high quality. For example, in the beginning Mindy's bear hat just looks like clay. But later her hat really looks like an actual crocheted hat. It really puts detail in the character models. An example of this high quality animation is in Jet 2, Jet's First Halloween, Sunspot and the Great Red Spot, and Satellite Selfie.

6 It Has Great Morals

-Performing experiments is better when you're doing it with your friends
-Failure is a stepping stone to success
-Winning isn't everything
-It's not good to stay jealous
-Be yourself
-Don't cheat
-Knowing there's a problem should make you want to help solve it

7 It's Slightly More Mature Than Other Shows on PBS Kids

Well, Odd Squad, Wild Kratts, and a few episodes of Sesame Street and Arthur are mature, but everything else currently on PBS is babyish. (except for Nature Cat). The show has mystery and suspense, and even a tiny bit of drama. Episodes like Kid Kart Derby, Beep Has the Blues, Visit to Mom's Office, Sunspot and the Great Red Spot, Jet 2, and Space Junk are great examples of this.

8 It Has Relatable and Likable Characters

The characters are so relatable and at least enjoyable. They're not painfully obnoxious like the Reeftown Rangers and the Super Readers, and they seem like actual children that you would meet in your neighborhood or school. Sean, Sydney, Jet, and Mindy are all passionate about their interests and curious about science, making them good role models for kids.

9 It Appeals to Everyone of All Ages

It doesn't just appeal to children, it appeals to everyone. The show has a fandom on Tumblr, Google+, and even Instagram (there are roleplayers on there). Plus, parents of the kids that watch the show enjoy it.

10 It Has Good Voice Acting

Ok so the voice actors aren't top celebrities like Nature Cat has (all of the actors there are from SNL), but they're still really good. Ashleigh Ball is a really talented voice actress, that brings Jet to life.