Top 10 Final Boss Themes

Final Boss Themes are amazing sometimes
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The Top Ten

1 Growing Wings - Drakenguard 2

The vocals and piano are just amazing. It's beautiful, and certainly my favorite

2 Fallen Blood - Epic Battle Fantasy 4

For a browser game, this is just incredible, but it did get released on Steam. But on the topic of this, it has a varied instruments, and starts off sounding hopeless, but some time later on, the hope begins to build up, and that part sounds like a movie soundtrack

3 Let's End This - Dust an Elysian Tail

The first part sounds like a common final boss theme, the second part sounds like an action movie, and the final part sounds grand and epic, but also heartbreaking

4 Find You - Anarchy Reigns

This song is fast, awesome, and has deep lyrics about finding your real self under everything you've created

5 It Has to Be This Way - Metal Gear Rising

It's fast, epic, and has some perfectly picked lyrics

6 Zanza The Divine - Xenoblade Chronicles

The chilling intro tells you that Zanza is not messing around, and then the awesomeness kicks in, and it's great

7 Hopes and Dreams - Undertale Hopes and Dreams - Undertale

The first thing to have no vocals of any kind (choir or lyrics), it gives you hope, and it sounds epic. To me, it's much better than Megalovania

8 Serpent Eating the Ground - Bravely Default

Pure epicness

Those 2 words alone best describe this

9 The Extreme - FFVIII

The intro gives you a sense of dread, and the main part of it is the opposite

10 Gwyn, Lord of Cinder - Dark Souls Gwyn, Lord of Cinder - Dark Souls

A simple piano, yet it's one of the best boss themes ever. It tells you how Gwyn has pretty much been reduced from a god to a shell. Yet he's still tough (maybe, I haven't played the game)