Reasons Why I Really Hate Garrixvids

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The Top Ten

1 She is extremely annoying
2 She can't even speak right!!!

She can't speak right, she sounds like an idiot! I bet Garrixvids hasn't been in school for speaking language HAHAA!

3 She also ripped off ThatBluePandaGuy and VTM ON YT- Official Channel's videos!!!

She makes stupid videos like she wants to get Noah and Althea Andrea ungrounded! and she makes characters that do not exist on ThatBluePandaGuy and VTM ON YT- Official Channel's videos! I wish she never did this!

4 She is so dumb!!!

She thinks
ThatBluePandaGuy This account is mine Philip Mulholland Stefieb are her friends when she needs to watch a few videos they made

5 She thinks she's fabulous

She likes to think that she's fabulous when she's actually not and she is also a noob just like the noobs from roblox

6 She thinks boyish stereotypes are crap!

I would say not! A few women are like them! So shut up!

7 She thinks she's strong

She thinks she's a badass schoolgirl, when she's actually dumb

8 She thinks Arthur (The Show) is crap

All of us say no! It isn't crap, I bet she'll cringe when she watches it! HAHA!

9 All she cares about is girly and anime stuff too much!

She needs to go on another experience and discovery!

10 She thinks about boys too much!!!

She acts like she wants to marry all the boys from Diabolik Lovers!