Top 10 Worst Cheating Methods

What student did not envisage, on a second occasion, the day before the partials, cheating on an exam to reinforce his chances of success? Generating stress and pressure, resulting in sweating and deconcentration, this method is not very effective, if not useless, even if impasses had to be made. Proof is with these 10 methods, certainly amusing and to take to the second degree, but not to reproduce under any pretext, under pain of having big trouble ...
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 The image taking of the courses on his mobile phone

There are very few exams where your phones are allowed. But if ever this happens, know that this is one of the techniques the views and sanctioned by the teachers, with sanctions sometimes very severe to the key!

2 The headphones technique

Record your lessons in voice note and plug in your headphones, what an ingenious method... Still must be discreet, put on his headphones in the sleeve of his sweater or have long hair... Not to mention the need to listen to the right piece!

3 The bricolage kit

There are a lot of strategies and methods of cheating that require the DIY kit. So much so that the supervisors of examinations - and former students - are aware of most and it becomes impossible to pass through this way...

4 Looking at the copy of the neighbor

Who has never done it? Technique used from an early age - before books are pushed across - it can be relatively discreet. But it is still necessary to choose his neighbor exams!

5 Cheating through her thighs

In the United States, some students write their classes on their thighs or forearms. A discreet but daring method, given the fact that it will be complicated to talk about tattoos if you are caught...

6 The use of the soles of his shoes

This method is directly inspired by the cult movie Les Sous Dou├ęs. But, as in the film, the preparation looks relatively long, perilous, and requires little to walk on the day of the examination so as not to risk erasing everything!

7 The back of the water bottle labels

This method is more complex and more elaborate. Some students write their courses on the back of the labels of their bottles. But this method requires to be very thirsty and to drink enormously, causing the need for frequent pauses.

8 The gourmet technique

This sophisticated solution requires good prior consultation. Two students put in place a strategy of eating an M & Ms of the color they had assigned to answer A, B, C and D of a QCM. Lack of good luck: they fell on a gourmet supervisor..

9 Embroidery

In China, a student of origin squarely sewed some answers on her skirt, in Chinese characters. All his classes were on his outfit, impossible for the supervisors to see the stratagem. But, given the time spent, perhaps it would have been more efficient and quick to revise...

10 The filling of data in its calculator

If you have a mathematical or scientific exam, and the calculator is allowed, this technique is always considered... but rarely used! Indeed, the questions asked are rarely identical to those addressed in the course.