The 3 Best Books from the First Series of Warriors! +the Worst and Some Mistakes from the Warriors Books

These are MY opinions, also sorry if I do anything wrong, this is my FIRST list :|. WARNING I TYPE A LOT IF YOU HATE READING DON'T TRY! PLZ!
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Into the Wild

This is my favorite because it really gets deep into Rusty, the personality of cats and how the cats are making the warrior code their highest priority and goal to submit it. It also shows that Rusty/Firepaw/Fireheart? also does the same thing however he kinda puts it a little more to explain him pushing with all his might to show all of the clans that "Kittypets" are as valued as "Clan cats". PS: The "Clan cats" cats are also "Kittypets" because where else did they come from? "I NEED TO CATCH MY BREATH I TYPE A LOT! " (I do I mean it.)


2 Forest of Secrets

In forest of secrets Fireheart is now deputy and THE MOMENT HAS COME! NO MORE TIGERCLAW/TIGERSTAR wait? Tigerstar? The wrath of Tigerstar has not ended...
This book shows Bluestar release her secrets but it also shows that Tigerstar *Cough* *Cough* I mean Tigerclaw wanted revenge, REVENGE on Fireheart so badly like he promised blood shall be shed...

3 The Darkest Hour

This book shows Scourge battle Tigerstar and Firestar and how smart he is, showing (if you thought about it) that since Scourge is much more smaller than Tigerstar and dogs are also huge for his size ( I MEAN SCOURGE please DO NOT CONFUSE YOUR SELF! ) it's like killing a dog for him (read The Rise Of Scourge)

4 Fire and Ice (The worst!)

This shows a lacking amount of details it does not describe how Cinderpaw was hurt! ex.: Cinderpaw was laying on the ground blood splattered around her. Also it really leaves the details flopping like fish, WHERE IS THE REAL ERIN HUNTER!?! @_@

5 Mothflight's Vision

1. Silver Stripe is called a tom.
2. White Tail is called Black Ear.
3.Spotted Fur is called Spotted Tail.
4."Clan" is written with a lowercase "c" such that it reads "clan."
5.Featherwhisker is described as gray.
6.Cow is said to have yellow eyes.
7.Fern Leaf is called a gray-and-white she-cat.
8.Star Flower is said to have purple eyes.
9.Micah is said to have amber eyes.
10.Dappled Pelt is called Dappled Spots.

11. RiverClan is written as River Clan.
12. Moss Tail is called Swift multiple times.
13.Slate is said to have one missing eartip.

6 Ad time!

It's time for some "ads" um? WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?!

7 Wings of Fire

Not a lotta people know about these books but search and buy one today THEY ARE AMAZING! WOWE!

8 Sing Me to Sleep - Alan Walker


9 ...? HM?
10 ..HM?