Top 10 Reasons Tyga is Better Than Metallica

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The Top Ten

1 Tyga is dating Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is young sexy and she got big boobs and butt, James Hetfield wife is old and doesn't even have very big boobs

2 Tyga is a cooler name than Metallica

Tyga is hip and cool and smokes weed and stuff which is cool and he relates to teen culture but Metallica doesn't. Plus tyga got 2 top 10 hits but Metallica only have 1 so HA THERE. Proof tyga is better.

3 Tyga isn't for old people

Only old people who are stuck in the 50's listen to Metallica but tyga is relevant nowadays and has songs in the radio and hit songs that young people and teens like.

4 Tyga has done songs with Nicki Minaj

Has Nicki Minaj ever did a song with Metallica? No, so that proves tyga is better HA.

5 Tyga raps better

James Hetfield can't rap as good as tyga so there.

6 Rap is cooler than Metal/Rock

Only dumb old people listen to stupid Metallica and metal rock music because it sucks and all sounds the same. Rap is gooder.

7 "Stimulated" is better than "Master of Puppets"

I mean obviously it is, how is this even an argument? On a musical and especially a lyrical level stimulated is way better than a stupid nerd metal song from like the 60's or whatever.

8 Metallica is for dumb nerds

The only people other than old people who listen to Metallica are dumb nerds with no taste. Tyga is what cool people like me listen to.

9 Tyga is more influential

Tyga inspire other rappers to sound and be like him, Metallica doesn't inspire any rappers.

10 Tyga's music will be remembered for decades to come, Metallica's won't

Tyga will be a legend and people will listen to him for many years to come and he'll go down as history. No one even remembers Metallica except old people and stupid emo nerd kids that shoot up schools.