My Cutest Pokemon Part Two

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The Top Ten

1 cubone cubone

Aww, I feel bad for her I think. but once I kinda cried when I read her thing because I was in a bad mood. its in my book.

2 jason the mareep

So cute. mareep looks kinda feminine in a weird way but jason is male. that's okay.

3 fanta the duskull rufflet

She has a creepy face but she's cute.

4 puff the woobat duskull

She has furry on her neck that is like a bonnet and she has a pink bow. she's 1 year old and the bone she holds is hollowed out and filled with sunflower seeds that somehow don't grow. she has two eyeballs. she's so cute.

5 rasputina the shellmet

Cutey. snail with big lips. kinda shy.

6 shelly the shellos

She's cute! she looks like a my little pony.

7 murcus the shiny slugma

Cute pink pudding.

8 cupcake the cyndapi

She eats cupcakes! so cute! wears little diaper with togepi shapes

9 mandrake the hoppip (design updated)

Still has big teeth, but they shrank. snoopy little freak.

10 reed the hoppip

She has reed or cattail antennae. funny! bubbles on eyes.

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