Cutest Pokemon Part Three!

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The Top Ten

1 wyrm the hoppip

Cute little freak.

2 scorch the hoppip

Puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy!

3 nami the horsea

Alice in wonderland!

4 zipper the fennekin

So cute and fast! had trouble catching her but she got tired later. she also emits sparks once in a while.

5 lucy the slowpoke

Cute little piggy! she is very smart for a slowpoke. she's also young but is very smart.

6 norbert the lapras

He's shelly's dad! I love him. my first boy pokemon! so cool. I have a lot of females though. shelly's his daugter. I mentioned her in part one. my little pony. la la la la la. my little pony.

7 moe the misdreavus MORPH

Has mohawk. she had floppy hair when she was little, but I made it into a mohawk without cutting any of her beautiful hair.

8 haypenny the kabuto bergmite

She is cute. she has a country style name. well, seems like it. oink!

9 blubbles the wailmer

I love her! she's kinda blobby compared to other wailmer. she kinda says her name when she snores. also, she makes bubble sounds.

10 elly the baltoy yamask

Her eyes are big. fleurbik. I love neopets.

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