Cute Pokemon Part Four!

fourth part!
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The Top Ten

1 clove the oddish bulbasaur

A tiny raddish! (oddish is HUGE! ) my mommy loves bulbasaur.

2 froyo the miltank bergmite

She makes cold milk. it cannot make tummy aches. its very sweet! when happy, she makes warm milk. when sad, its cold. it also depends on her temperature. when warm, she makes warm milk cold, cold milk.

3 firenze the vulpix

Cute vulpix with lil' bandana!

4 cotton the swirlix slakoth

Awww! so cute! kitty has big ol' nose, is very playful, likes to take siestas.

5 thunderfoot the tyrunt

Her name is SO CUTE! she's less scary and creepy compared to other tyrunt. she's afraid of pitching fits, so she doesn't. if she was an amaura, weird. she responds to frustration by being polite, sometimes sulking a tiny bit.

6 munchkin the skitty

Kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty! named after what pokepuffs could be and my favorite cat breed. like the breed, she has very short legs. her mother is daisy maisy the delcatty and her father is splashy the wailmer, I love may.

7 kiwi the exeggcute

Named after my favorite flightless bird! she also eats kiwis (the fruit) and is an 'exeggcute of prey' meaning she eats smaller pokemon but doesn't eat poison ones. larvestas are her favorite snack!

8 gerry the surskit

Shelly the shello's dad! my first boy Pokemon and he's very nice. shellos is cute. my little pony. la la la la la la la la. my little pony. sweet little shellos.

9 petrie the treecko petilil

Cute but naughty. likes to prank.

10 pillow the hoppip

Fat and squishy and cute!