Cutest Pookemon Part Five!

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The Top Ten

1 cotton the swirlix slakoth

AWW! so cute! likes to play and take siestas. aw... kitty has big ol' nose.

2 cocoa the hoppip

She loves cocoa puffs. I also call her coco.

3 flicker the pumpkaboo

AWWW! cutie! little pumpkin cat with lightbulb. this girle is possibly the cutest pumpkaboo to have ever existed. she is small.

4 tina the snover

Round and bouncy and 100% squishy!

5 tuppence the bergmite

Supposed to be poison type, but only makes smelly, but harmless spores. shell is kinda purple. kiwi once ate her and got a stomachache. she's okay now. mew.

6 bianca the tropius

Petrie and tina's mother. cutey.

7 peardrop the maractus

Cinco de' mayo! he's very jolly! love his moustache.

8 lotus the stunky lotad

Likes to say stunfisk. spiffy. spiffy. spiffy stunfisk. poof. birdy face fishyyy.

9 emma the omanyte

Stripes on the shell. she's very vain.

10 sporeen the shroomish

Long, bean shaped head. when she's bored, she bounces like a ball.

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