My Cutest Pokemon (Another Attempt)

trying again. baltoy: i'm hungry. claydol: (gives carrots) baltoy: bleh! (eats it anyway)
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The Top Ten

1 snorunt/shuppet

Cute but kinda scary. floating hands. black tongue. very creepy.

2 second snorunt/shuppet

Funny! white eyes.

3 shuppet/snorunt
4 Snorunt Snorunt

Unlike the picture shown here, this snorunt has a larger cloak and eventide eyes. is very timid and cries easily.

5 my second Snorunt my second Snorunt

Like before, this pic right here does not show this snorunt. it is very squishy. has freckles, lighter fur. purple eyes.

6 third Snorunt third Snorunt

This one has a lighter cloak and is slightly more slender than other snorunt. is kinda sneaky.

7 Shuppet Shuppet

Unlike the one here, this one has pink eyes. is slightly pudged. likes snacks.

8 ralts/snorunt

Large blanket. green hair. likes to nap. likes to play peek a boo. very happy and friendly.

9 ralts/snorunt second in group

Kinda cranky sometimes. blanket is kinda hot.

10 snorunt fairy fusion

Purple cloak. long ears and purplish, pinkish gems floating next to her.

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