Top 10 Movies that Influenced Me to Become a Director

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The Top Ten

1 A Clockwork Orange

Kubrick has left a big influence on why I've started writing stories to translate to film. A Clockwork Orange was the influence for my first story, as it has a similar theme of a disturbed main character who uses violence and goes to prison, and it also shows that you don't need an action theme and could use dark themes for a futuristic movie. - jack2244

2 2001: A Space Odyssey

Love this movie. One of my favorites and influenced one of the stories I've written that I plan to translate to film. The influence? It shows to me that you don't need action in it whilst sci-fi movies like Star Wars and Star Trek always use action and that you also don't need dialogue to make a movie well-executed - jack2244

3 Saving Private Ryan

Your wondering what the hell this had on my influence but the influence is that it influenced on how you could make such good cinematography for war scenes. - jack2244

4 Schindler's List

Another odd influence, yes. It shows me as an influence on how you don't have to color a Holocaust movie to still make it realistic. This was also the inspiration for my Holocaust story. - jack2244

5 Psycho

I could write stories similar to Hitchcock movies. Like A Clockwork Orange, this movie comes as a big influence to me on how you could make such brilliant movies using the mind of a disturbed sociopath as your main character. - jack2244

6 A Nightmare on Elm Street

Odd choice, right? Well, as soon as I saw this movie, I wrote a very dark horror story with a villain similar to Freddy Krueger with large metal blades as hands that stalks and brutally kills anybody with torture methods, dark, eh? - jack2244

7 The Shawshank Redemption

Yes, I usually cite my all time favorite movie as an influence. Influenced me to write a story similar to it and just… well, focus on prison. - jack2244

8 The Godfather

This, as well as 1990's Goodfellas and 1974's The Godfather Part II have made me cite as influenced as to make a good mafia story. Completely plan to adapt the story I wrote about mafia. - jack2244

9 Eraserhead

Might as well include this 1977 classic from David Lynch. A major influence on my horror stories. How you could write a story this dark yet not make it really gory like normal horror movies but still make it weird. - jack2244

10 Apocalypse Now

This Francis Ford Coppola masterpiece influenced me on how to make a story on the horrors and darkness of war. Really big influence and a great movie. - jack2244

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