Top 10 Most Useless Videos in YouTube

this is just my opinion so dont get your videos all messed up ok
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 spinning a fidget spinner for 24 hours. by mr beast

I'm not a hater of mr beast I like is content but this video is useless. it's a live stream that is now a video. he spins a fidget spinner for 24 hours. what. - nile_river

2 watching paint dry. by mr beast.

Again its mr beast. this video was resent to the making of this list. he just sits there watching paint try. - nile_river

3 the entire bee movie script but its in binary. by yaboyferret

This video goes for 23 hours. and its just binary. lol. - nile_river

4 Nyan Cat 10 HOURS REACTION VIDEO! by the game pro

This video is a person watching nyan cat for 10 hours. - nile_river

5 theres something i need to tell you. by jacksfilms.

This video is by jacksfilms who I am a fan of. this video has a thumbnail of him looking sad. but really he is not. he soon later says that this is a clickbait video. - nile_river

6 Reading The Entire Dictionary In One Sitting. by mr beast

Again its him. mr beast. he reads the dictionary in one sitting. that's right. A-Z lol - nile_river

7 counting to 100k. by mr beast

In this video he counts to 100k. somehow. yes he is just sitting there. - nile_river

8 Reading The Entire Bible In One Video. by mr beast

You all ready got what this video is about. - nile_river

9 EPIC Drinking Bleach Prank / Experiment!!! by UDY PRANKS.

Its where he goes in public and drinks water from a clean bleach bottle. - nile_river

10 top 10 top 10 list. by jasksfilms.

This video is a top 10 of top 10 lists. lol. - nile_river

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