My Favorite Gymnastics Skills

Hi! I am a level 5/6 gymnast and I wanted to share with you some of my favorite gymnastics skills to do.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten My Favorite Gymnastics Skills

1 Fly Away

A fly away is a bar skill in which you let go of the high bar, tuck, and flip. This is a basic dismount.

2 Front Handspring Vault

A front handspring vault is a basic vault used in levels 4-7. To perform a front handspring, approach the table with your arms out in front of you. Reach out and put your hands on the table, then block off and complete the rotation, landing on your feet.

3 Side Aerial

A side aerial is a skill that can be used on the floor but is most commonly used in beam routines for levels 9 and up. A side aerial is a cartwheel without the use of your hands.

4 Walkovers

Front or back, I love walkovers. They require a very flexible back and legs. To do a back walkover, stand on one leg and bent back into a one-legged bridge, and now kick over. A front walkover is the same thing but in reverse. Both are most commonly used on beam and are root skills for higher levels.

5 Tsukahara Vault

In a Tsukahara, you place your hands onto the vault table one at a time, as if you were entering a cartwheel. Now bring your legs together, complete the rotation, making the vault a roundoff, and do one more flip before your feet hit the ground

6 Yurchenko Vault

In a Yurchenko, you do a roundoff onto the springboard, reach your hands back and hit handstand on the table, like in a back handspring, and complete the rotation. Now add one more flip before landing on your feet.

7 Back Handspring Step Out on Beam

Just do a back handspring step out on the beam. Pretty self-explanatory.

8 Back Tuck

In a back tuck, you jump back, tuck, and flip.

9 Back Layout

A back tuck but with a straight body.

10 Front Layout

A front tuck with a straight body.