10 Restaurants in Toronto I Need to Go

Might as well make my list public of the top 10 restaurant I want to go to.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Yasu Sushi bar

Yasu is one of the number one rated sushi bar in Toronto. It is omakase so you gotta have an open mind but this is going to be one I have to check out.

2 Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse
3 The White Brick Kitchen

The White Brick Kitchen is place that serves great looking food. They have there own version of the double down sandwich from KFC.


4 Kitson and Co.
5 Bosk
6 Lisa

Lasa by Lamesa is a classic restaurant that serves fresh Filipino food. It is rated number 13 on best restaurants of 2017 by torontolife


7 The LakeView Restaurant

Featured on Diners Drive-ins & Dives The LakeView Restaurant is something I have to check out. It has a 24 hour brunch menu. I think I said enough.


8 Pizzeria Defina

Rated one of the best pizzerias in Toronto I think this is a must have for fresh wood-fired pizza.


9 Adamson Barbecue

Barbecue meat sold by the pound or as plates, homestyle sides, and sandwiches.


10 Big Beef Bowl

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