Movies ClimaxDome Hates that Others Like

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE movies. However, there are some movies I loathe that everyone else seems to love.

The Top Ten

1 300

Zack Synder can't make a good movie. This was the closest he got to a good movie and even then it's bad. It doesn't stay true to the story it's based on. This movie doesn't show what happened with the 300 Spartans. Plus, why the hell do they all have to scream every time they speak? Like seriously, it's ear-bleeding, they scream whenever they speak. Then, literally every shot is in slow-motion. Then... we have a talentless hack like Gerard Butler in the lead role. God, I hate this movie so much. - ClimaxDome

You're not alone in hating this trite. - Entranced98

Was this a movie where "This Is Sparta" meme exists? - ChatNoirFan18

2 Titanic

There were some things to like about it. It had a decent soundtrack, a good cast, and good acting. However, the sappy romance and the time length just shoot this into a bad movie. Like seriously, did we really need to see like 3 hours of sappy romance (which this movie is somehow considered a true love story) before seeing the Titanic sink (which we've already known about before this movie was released) - ClimaxDome

This movie has everything you don't want in a movie: soppy romance, weak cast (apart from Leonardo DiCaprio), TIME LENGTH and the soundtrack made me wanna puke. Honestly, I can't find a romance film worse than this. -9000/10 - AlphaQ

Love story my butt. I dislike this movie as well. The only entertaining part is the good special effects on the sinking ship. - eventer51314

I found this to be a boring romance film. Nothing else. - naFrovivuS

3 Independence Day

I LOATHE this movie with a burning passion. It's bland and has a generic story. I know people consider it a fun summer blockbuster but, in my view: it's a bland and generic mess that we've already seen in other movies so there's no point in making one movie on it as we'd already know what will happen in it. It's a movie about aliens... aliens. Of course, we know what happens, they're attacking the aliens *how original* and the characters are poorly acted - ClimaxDome

4 The Exorcist

Yes, you heard that right: I hate The Exorcist. Now, before you go crying around like "This was a great movie". It is not a good movie in any way, it's so boring, and it's so dull. Barely anything happens in it except a girl getting possessed by the devil and then exorcists trying to release the spirit from her. It's also a slap-in-the-face to the novel. And this was considered horror's best? It's not even close to horror's best. It's not horror's ultimate worst but it's nowhere near their best either. - ClimaxDome

It's kinda dull - lolsy

5 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story are both nostalgic cash grabs. Both only had one good thing... the special effects. Anyways, this movie had lame acting. It was also a shameless remake of A New Hope. Say it's amazing but once you carefully look through it, you'll realize that it is truly a poor remake of A New Hope. Just... screw this movie. It wastes your time. - ClimaxDome

How come people complain that this is a reboot of A New Hope but accept the fact that Jurassic World is a reboot of Jurassic Park while also being a sequel? - MegaSoulhero

Cash grab that had not much to do with the original. Even the prequels tried to pick up on how it all started. - naFrovivuS

Maz Kanata and Finn were the only good things about it, everything else in the movie was a huge mess, that stupud Jar Jar Abrahams didn't even try 3-/10. - darthvadern

6 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Yes, I hate The Texas Chain Saw Massacre as well. It's just too extreme. I dislike a lot of horror movies but this one's intensity and violence was just too extreme. Anyways, the villain in this, in my opinion, just acts kind of stupid. He isn't very smart and the visuals are just bad. Needless to say that the movie has bad acting and annoying characters. *sighs* It's better than the rest of the movies in the franchise though. - ClimaxDome

I think this is decent but the monster's stupidity screwed up everything. 5/10 - AlphaQ

7 Friday the 13th

My hatred for this franchise cannot even be explained correctly. Let's just say this, the first one was closest to decent and even then it was bad. The second one was bad. I felt like I was drinking cyanide during my experience of the third one. Fourth one was terrible but better than the third one. Fifth brought the franchise back on it's terrible level. Sixth one was like the first one. Seventh was bad. Eighth... just don't even try to. Ninth was even worse. And the 10th... oh god, shoot me... Jason is literally in space. - ClimaxDome

8 Scream

It's pretty obvious but Scream is another franchise I loathe. It is just, the exact opposite of what makes some horror movies... well... decent movies. Scream, is the definition of an unscary nightmare. This, as well as Friday the 13th, needs to burn in hell, along with 300 and Independence Day. Just, screw this movie. The sequels were terribly bad but Scream is a big name on my hate-book for film. - ClimaxDome

It's not that good, this movie is kind of scary but overall a decent horror flick.

This isn't even scary... - AlphaQ

Scream sucks, it's a fake horror movie w/ bad acting, stupid humor, and a dumb plot - EliHbk

9 Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 had some decent action but the movie itself overall was horrible. Iron Man 2, yes, it wasn't the best, but it was alright. Anyways, my problem with Iron Man 3 is the fact that this one was pretty much only showing him in his Iron Man suit for 5% of the film, and the remaining 95% was... well, just him as Tony Stark. Even half of the action sequences, he's not in his Iron Man suit. Yes, Captain America: The First Avenger had this same problem. - ClimaxDome

Age of Ultron, Iron man 2, and The Dark World are worse. very disappointing to have 2 bad films after The Avengers broke records worldwide. Luckily, The Winter Soldier made up for that.

Doesn't have a great stricture - lolsy

I liked this. - AlphaQ

10 Kill Bill, Volume 1

If Kill Bill didn't have all the extreme violence, I wouldn't have much problems with it. However, this was on an extreme level of violence and it got on my nerves after a while. Tarantino does have a lot of language and violence in his movies though so I wasn't really that surprised. *sighs* Kill Bill, Volume 2, I didn't really have much of a problem with it as it wasn't as extreme on the violence level (at least not as extreme as this) - ClimaxDome

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