Martin Canine's Favorite YouTubers as of June 29th, 2017

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The Top Ten
1 KuchenTV

A blogger who has a very provocative, politically incorrect troll humor. He talks about other YouTubers, stupid comments he found on the internet, and other issues that bother him. He's highly intelligent and has awesome views on the world and under all of the shock value attitude there always lies awareness and criticism of the modern world, but he is also known for his heavy insults and his distasteful jokes, often mocking terrible events or things people simply don't dare making fun of because you simply don't do that. But he only does it to mess with you - he knows it's tasteless and he shoves it into your face to expose your own bigotry. Don't be overly sensitive and you'll have lots of deranged fun with this German blogger. It's exactly my type of humor.

2 ConCrafter

His name suggests a Minecraft Let's Player but he hasn't played that game for years now. He mostly plays web based games like Akinator, Cleverbot, Goat Simulator and similar. And it's all about his reaction. He's a silly goofball who's always a bit confused and childish, but despite his many subscribers he hasn't changed and always comes off as authentic and likable. He doesn't try to play a role and he often interacts with his fans (e.g. telling his fans to post something on Twitter and he reacts to it).

3 The Angry Video Game Nerd

I must admit I have absolutely no clue what's trending in the US YouTube scene at the moment. German YouTubers are everywhere in the media now, but they barely touch the US scene, unlike other media such as music or T.V., where American stars are just as famous. But ever since I discovered this guy, I could watch his videos again and again. His ranting attitude, facial expressions and over-the-top reaction often make me burst out in laughter - in addition to what the games already do by themselves.

4 Rap Critic

Also an American YouTuber I like very much. Through him I discovered Lupe Fiasco, and he also has a hilarious sense of humor when he interrupts the review for comic skits. I don't always agree with his reviews (especially ICP, I don't get how Americans can't love their crazy random humor, intercut with actual aware content) but I must say even if he pans a song I feel like isn't so bad, he does it in a highly funny way. And also do his diamonds say Cookie Monster, so you know he means it.

I wish he spoke German to see what he thinks about German rappers.

5 tinNendo

What's better than a good Let's Player? You guessed it - a guy who plays mainly children's games and often even fails at them, and has a wonderfully... casual humor. There's just something about the most irrelevant sentences he does that just make you giggle. The way he reacts. The way he talks. His humor is just so unintentionally. He just walks through the world, being silly, and plays games.
I subscribed his channel years ago when he had basically no views. Now, he's not exactly a YT celeb, but people know him. He just recently won the German Web Video Award - for a video where he played a farm simulator, always interrupted by him actually working at a farm. And during all of this he's just so... casual. It's so silly and goofy... even though he doesn't even try to be^^.

6 iBlali

When people say iblali they usually mean a guy called Viktor who's a bit of a nerd and who hasn't changed a bit since he became famous on YouTube a few years ago - he started the channel and was synonymous with iblali for years, but in the meantime the channel is hosted by a three friends including Viktor. He does comedic skits, usually re-enacting stupid fan comments in hilarious ways. And he doesn't care about trends, neither hating nor following them, he just does whatever he likes and often doesn't get the fuss about it. Often there's also some sort of message about friendship or just being yourself in the end and just like ConCrafter, he interacts very frequently with his fans.

7 coldmirror Kathrin Fricke, better known by her channel name coldmirror, is a German YouTube star, voice actress, comedian, web host and internet personality born on October 13, 1984 . more.

Coldmirror was the first German YouTube celebrity, having been on the platform since the very beginning in 2006, and her videos are cult classics, especially her old Harry Potter parodies (in the style that's known as Abridged in the US) never get old. Her newer videos are okay... she uploads infrequently, but that's okay because she still sees YouTube as her hobby and refuses to monetize them.

8 Darkvikt0ry

I love darkvikt0ry more like a "real" filmmaker. Sure, he also uploads short animated trivia videos but he'll be remembered fir creating the "#TubeClash" trilogy, a huge animated web series/movie project that originally started off as a "mere" animated parody of YouTubers but in three movies/seasons developed a complex world, with deeply emotional characters and intense back stories, as well as some epic fights. It basically started off as Drawn Together but with German YouTubers in the first movie... then it quickly evolves into an epic fantasy anime where you actually care about the characters and where some of them actually die in tragic ways, while others have hurtful but plausible character development (also see my list "Franchises that Changed the Most Throughout").

The episodes are uploaded to his YouTube channel, but movie versions are available on DVD.

9 Applewar

They are kind of inactive, but these nerds have been around for a decade now and their anime/gamer/manga/... related humor in videos were really cool back then. Yes, anime is not geeky but cool over here. They released low budget trash videos as well as videos where they answered fan comments with the most over-the-top random nerdy comic skits you've ever seen. It's like the Scott Pilgrim of German YouTube. Well, their relevance has heavily decreased and there have been numerous lineup changes, but back in the 00s and early 10s they made iblali and DatAdam vocalist Taddl famous, when he was still a YouTuber and not a chart topping musician. Also, the other DatAdam vocalist Ardy once was a member of Applewar. He's the guy way in the last row on the left who looks a bit like an emo. Nowadays, as a successful musician, he looks like an anime ninja or cosplayer.

10 JuliensBlog Julien Sewering, better known by his channel name JuliensBlog, is a German YouTube star, weblog artist, internet personality, music critic, music competition host, comedian and rapper born on December 8, 1988. more.

In his old videos he was basically what KuchenTV is now: a highly intelligent socially aware blogger with a taste for very very very incorrect humor. He made videos against indexing, blaming the media for violence or conspiracy theories and even more touchy topics, but with controversial humor. But then he discovered hip hop and decided to review it. And I have to thank him because this guy made the two greatest German rappers famous: Kollegah and SpongeBozz. At first, he praised Kollegah as the best German rapper for his lyrical quality, which resulted in his most recent album Bossaura to be Kollegah's first big success, and also caused German hip hop fans to think more about lyrical quality. He also panned rapper Sun Diego which caused him to lose his friendship to Sun Diego and completely vanish. But Sun Diego improved. Very much. And when Julien started his own video battle rap tournament JuliensBlogBattle, which became a MASSIVE hit and introduced several rappers to the German hip hop scene, Sun Diego won it - but costumed, called SpongeBozz. And so he became a chart topping rapper himself, and Kollegah's arch enemy. Now SpongeBozz revealed to be Sun Diego in 2017. And he's good friends with Julien now.
Julien by the way doesn't do his regular YouTube blogs anymore, he fully focused on his tournament - which is no wonder since it became a huge thing in German hip hop. Although I miss his old videos. Also his attitude has changed. His incorrect humor used to always have a wink and sounded light hearted, like a troll. But now he behaves like a tough guy and gangster rapper himself, and is much more vulgar. But yeah, I still love his tournament. Lots of awesome rappers.