The Most Powerful Weapons in Anime

Argue over what weapons in anime are the most powerful and bitch and whine over why Death note isn't at number one and ignore feats and statistics like most of you obviously will. Also, one weapon per franchise. If I didn't add this rule some titles would be taking up majority of this list. (Note I will break this rule once.) Just note that only the top four are in a particular order. All other entries are so close to each other in terms of power and versatility, that I found myself unable to justify any order past that point. This being said, this is MY list. If you would like to argue this, find feats and show me your source to back up your claim to what I should change, then email me at or comment on my twitter page @tekassassin96. At least try to be mature about it. even still, for the most part, this list is subjective with only the top four being objectively the strongest in this category of fictional mediums. I would be thrilled if you could prove me wrong. but as for every other entry, take the omission or addition of any weapon as well as the order they were placed with a grain of salt. Sorry if I made grammar mistakes (which I am sure I did) but I hope you will understand that this is my list, so I can make it in any way I please. that being said enjoy and for the uninitiated and the uninformed, be enlightened by my extensive knowledge of a topic that will get me nowhere in life. Stay in school kids.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 True Longinus - Highschool DxD

Although it hasn't been introduced in the anime adaptation of Highschool DxD yet, It is the original Longinus sacred gear, which Issei's Boosted Gear is categorized with. True Longinus can redirect damage from any physical attack to any point in existence that is know of by the wielder, is capable of destroying planets or at least is allegedly that powerful, can disarm others and destroy their weapons can nullify powers of women (oddly specific but there is a complicated reason that doesn't go into much detail) enables the user flight and teleportation, summon up a warrior servant of immense strength and that is without going into its transformative abilities. It is ridiculously powerful. In the series, this is the spear that the centurion Longinus used to pierce Jesus Christ's side during his execution by crucifixion. The author's reason for why the spear became so strong is that by killing the mortal manifestation of God, it somehow became infused with divine powers that can kill ...more

2 Silence Glaive - Sailor Moon

As far as raw destructive power goes, it is superior to True Longinus. However Due to it's inferior pool of abilities and uses, as well as Longinus being capable of redirecting the damage from any attack to any location, The galaxy busting power of the Silence Glaive is left at number 2.

3 Ea, sword of rupture.

I am tempted to put this at number 2 or even 1 but it has complicated downsides and restrictions that I am not very informed on and have not found much reliable information. So for lack of information at my disposal, the sword that can recreate the universe is at number 3.

4 Ex-Durandal - Highschool DxD

This is the one exception to the one entry per franchise rule. I just can't neglect to include it. This Glorious Holy sword was created when Xenovia Merged all seven fragments of the original Excalibur with Durandal. Since the full capabilities of this sword are hard to explain this is an excerpt from the Highschool DxD wiki page on Durandal...
"After being transformed into the Ex-Durandal by fusing the Excalibur fragments with Durandal, the sword also gained their abilities as well: Allows the wielder to cast illusions and manipulate dreams (Nightmare) Allows the wielder to transform the sword into any shape he/she desires ( Mimic) Allows the blade and/or wielder to become invisible ( Transparency) Grants the user and blade enhanced speed ( Rapidly) Grants the ability to unleash overwhelming destructive force ( Destruction) Amplify/strengthen the effects during a holy ritual (Blessing). Allows the user to control all things that he/she wishes (with the inclusion of Excalibur Ruler ...more

5 Death Note - I shouldn't need to tell you where from
6 Zanpakuto - Bleach Zanpakuto - Bleach

Oh come on, you know about these things. I don't need to explain why these being so high on the list. I haven't seen or read Bleach at all and I know of their quite significant power. I am mainly referring to the one Ichigo wields, whatever its called. Like I said, I never watched or read Bleach so I just happened to know of this class of weapons and how depending on the circumstance, can be more than worthy of being on this list.

7 Basquias/ Chastiefol - Nanatsu no Taizai (seven deadly sins)

This spot is a draw between two weapons that serve as sibling counterparts, only one of which has appeared in the anime adaptation thus far but are both very similar magical transforming spears made from the Sacred Tree. The sheer number of forms and powers alone is already highly impressive for both but the amount of damage they can deal to foes is nothing to scoff at without said abilities.

8 Archenemy - Fairy Tail
9 God Arcs - God Eater.
10 Dragonslayer - Berserk

No explanation for it being her is even necessary. it is not only iconic but very powerful. But in all honesty many weapons that were omitted from my list that have more feats to justify putting them here in Dragonslayer's stead. But consider this to be nostalgia goggles clouding my judgment. But I'm vindicated because I said after number four its pretty much in no particular order. And I'm sure Berserk fanboys will be understanding enough to be satisfied with the fact that I even added this. It has no place on this list but I can't help but to add it... in spite of myself.