Reasons I Hate Game Theory Fans

As some of you may know. I despise game theory. But I also am not fond of the fanbase either. I don't mean to offend anyone who is a GT fan. This is only my opinion.
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The Top Ten

1 They believe everything MatPat says.

Do you not have common sense? *cough Mario is mental theory*cough cough* - Gametheorysucks

2 They spread his Theories across the internet as if they are facts that everyone should know.

It's Game THEORY! Dumbass not Game fact.*cough cough* Mario is mental theory*cough cough* - Gametheorysucks

3 They hate Mario

Because they believe in that God awful "theory" Mario is mental. Mario isn't the mental one. The game theory fanbase is. - Gametheorysucks

4 Some are Luigi fans.

(Face palm) Really? I'm a Luigi fan and I hate Game Theory.Why just why? - Gametheorysucks

5 Some attack MatPat haters

I have experienced people saying that I'm a terrible person for hating MatPat. Most people are just trying to comment and HELP him. And I hate his YouTube channel. Not MatPat himself. - Gametheorysucks

6 They spread the lies.

MatPat has flat out lied to get the fanbase to feel sorry for him. He said that he got a petition to remove him from the internet. Yet the petition says nothing about that. - Gametheorysucks

7 They don't realize how bad his theories are.

3 words- Mario Is Mental - Gametheorysucks

8 They treat him as the best theory YouTuber

He's not the best ever. Lockstin/Gnoggin is way better - Gametheorysucks

9 They over exaggerate about MatPat haters

Again most are trying to help him. - Gametheorysucks

10 They feel sorry for him They Might Be Giants is an American alternative rock band formed in 1982 by John Flansburgh and John Linnell.