egnomac's Top 10 Least Favorite The Loud House Episodes

I really love The Loud House but the show does have it flaws here are my personal least favorite episodes of Loud House and if you do like these episodes than as always that's great.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

Brawl In the Family

I really hated this episode both Lori and Leni get into a fight after they both buy the exact same dress leading to a sister protocol, Lincoln annoyed by all this decides against his sisters warnings to Intervene but only makes things worst soon everyone is trying to keep both Lori and Leni away from each other then the other sister begin fighting with each other all the while mom and dad do nothing to stop it, eventually Lincoln leaves and returns to find out everyone made up only to end starting yet another series of fights by blurting out about Lynn neeading a window wiper when ever Lisa talks and about Lana saying that Lola snores like Pop Pop, and the whole thing start all over again.

No Such Luck

Such a horrible episode though it does have a few good moments, Lincoln intentionally makes everyone think that he's unlucky so he doesn't have to go to his sisters activities until everyone decides he's too unlucky that they kick him out of the house, though Lincoln did bring it on himself the way his family acts just really ruins the episode.

The Green House

Just really hated this episode.

The Waiting Game

Lincoln is really unlikable in this episode after helping Lori get a job at the pizza joint he begans asking for free stuff mostly to impress Chandler so he can get an invite to his party which he does but unfortunately all the free stuff he asks for have put Lori in trouble with her boss and she has to work top pay for all the stuff she gave out instead of going to the dance she wanted to go to but in the end he realizes that he's been taking advantage of Lori just like Chandler has taken advantage of him and decides to fill in for Lori so she can go to the dance.

Out on a Limo

Lincoln wins limo service for a day then turns into a spoiled brat after meeting with a rich guy with a limo and that he should act snooty to those around him leading to him breaking his promise to his sisters to take them to The Burping Burger and treated the limo driver badly after his time is up he gets thrown out and left humilated by the rich people at the party he was invited to, eventually he realizes the error of his way and makes things right with his sisters and the limo driver.

April Fools Rules

Luan is very mean spirited in this episode pulling pranks that are both mean and dangerous and she takes a sick pleasure in watching them suffer.

Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru

Lincoln and Clyde start a business at school where Lincoln gives advice about girls thinking because he has 10 sisters that he has all the awnsers, what he fails to realize is that his sisters are not like everyone else and ends up giving really horrible advice making everyone mad at them.

Cheater by the Dozen

Basically Clyde and Lincoln think that Bobby is cheating on Lori and they get his sisters to try to gather to prove this only fir it to turn out to be a series of misunderstandings.

Vantastic Voyage

After recently watching this episode I have to say I really hated it, The family want a new van but because Lynn Sr. is unwillingly to get rid of vanzilla they trick him into getting a new van which works until he gets way too attached to the new one which he calls Veronica that he refuses to let anyone else ride or drive it, it's just a really stupid episode.

Future Tense

After meeting their new neighbors the Yates and seeing them as the perfect family they feel that they have failed their kids and decide to force the kids to be more well rounded like the Yates by forcing them to take classes and take part in activities that they really don't want to do.