Egnomac's Top 10 Favorite the Loud House Episodes

Here are my personal favorite episodes of The Loud House.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten Egnomac's Favorite the Loud House Episodes

1 Undie Pressure

I already talked about this episode its just a great premise seeing all the Loud kids having a part in the episode.

2 L is For Love

One of my personal favorite episodes with a very surprising ending revealing Luna to be bisexual as her crush who is revealed to be a girl named Sam it was a great reveal just hope they don't decide to make a huge deal about it to the point where could possibly get banned.

3 11 Louds A Leapin'

Possible one the best Christmas holiday specials in recent years Lincoln learns the reason why their neighbor Mr. Grouse is always so grouchy around Christmas time and that he's from a large family like his and has not been able to be with them on Christmas after telling his siblings about this the Louds and the McBrides show up at Mr. Grouse house and sing Luna's new Christmas song and spend Christmas Eve with him and they give a bus ticket for him to go spend Christmas day with his family, Teen Titans Go can learn a lot from this episode about what Christmas time is really about giving to others and spending time with those wo are lonely around the holiday season and not all about just getting presents, its also memorable for being the first time Mr. and Mrs. Loud reaveal their faces.

4 Space Invader

It was a funny episode featuring Lynn after she stays with Lincoln after a fight with Lucy its memorable for being the first use of the Dutch Oven by Lynn.

5 For Bros About to Rock

I really liked this episode, it's the first time where we learn a little bit more about Luna's love for music following her first concert which is why she's so over anxious to make the others first concert a memorable of course she does go over board but by the end of the episode she does manage to make Lincoln and Clyde's first concert a pretty memorable one.

6 The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos

It was the first episode where we see a lot more of Ronnie Anne and Bobby as they visit their very large family and faces they unexpected news that their moving there and Lincoln and Lori driving there as they try to prevent them from moving it was just a great full half hour episode hope they do more.

7 Back in Black

Lucy Loud is one of my favorite characters from The Loud House and the episode sees her trying to appear normal to impress her crush Rocky with help from her sisters but of course it doesn't go well and she goes back to her normal goth self and it turns out Rocky really liked her as herself.

8 Fool's Paradise

Its April Fools Day again and the family decide to send Luan to clown camp to avoid another Luan Prankmageddon, but things don't work the way they though it would be as Luan is always one step ahead as they end up a motel in the middle of nowhere and one by one fall prey to her never ending pranks it kind of feels like watching a horror movie, I especially like the ending where they finally get Luan with a prank of their own.

9 Dance, Dance Resolution

It was just a real fun episode for me Lincoln avoids Ronnie Anne from asking him to the dance in order to go to the arcade, when his sisters asks if she asked him he of course lies and says she didn't even ask him, which results in him getting 4 different dates with each of the four dates being very memorable and full of personality.

10 One of The Boys

Linocln wishes he had brothers instead of sisters and with Lisa's help and gets transported to a alternative universe with male counterparts of his sisters which starts great but quickly learns that living in a house of brothers isn't so great, the episode features many noticeable voice actors including Seth Green on of the creators of Robot Chicken and the voice of Chris Griffen from Family Guy, Sean Astin from Rudy and The Lord of The Rings movies, and the one and only Rob Paulsen.