Mystifiers Favorite Warrior Cats Suffixes

My favorite warrior cats Suffixes! Please don't get mad if your least favorite is on here and your favorite is not. This is just my opinion. Also: Kit, paw, and star, will not be on this list. So here we go!
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Heart

I love this suffix! My only hate is it seems that they only give it to important characters and soon-to-be leaders. But just listen to it: Brightheart, Treeheart, Mysticheart.

2 Frost

I just wish it was used more! Just listen to it: Hawkfrost, Winterfrost, Mysticfrost

3 Wing

Just like frost, I just wish they would use it more. JUST LISTEN TO IT! : Dovewing, Eaglewing, Mysticwing

4 Light

Just like the last two, USE IT MORE! Briarlight, Flickeringlight, Mysticlight

5 Pool

So kawaii! Just used to much. Leafpool. Greypool, Ivypool, Waterpool, Mysticpool.

6 Tail

I just like it. When they use things words like this in a cats name, it helps you know what they look like. Cloudtail, Rosetail, Brokentail, Fluffytail, Mystictail

7 Fur

The same thing as pelt, but used less. I think fur is better though. Mousefur, Cottenfur, Mysticfur.

8 Storm

USE. IT. MORE!. Sandstorm, Hailstorm, Snowstorm, Mysticstorm

9 Fang

I just wish they would stop using them only for cats that end up as dark forest cats and evil leaders. (Besides Yellowfang) Yellowfang, Tigerclaw, Maplebae... I MEAN SHADE..., Whitefang, Mysticfang, Honeyclaw, Mysticclaw, Fernshade, Mysticshade

10 Leaf

Just like others, I wish they would give it to more things then just medicine cats! Hollyleaf still counts cause she was a medicine cat at one point I think... Hollyleaf, Spottedleaf, Fallen Leaves, Fallleaf, Mysticleaf