Egnomac's Top 10 Favorite Hey Arnold Episodes

My top 10 personal favorite episodes from Hey Arnold.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Helga on the Couch

Another great episode that focuses on Helga seeing a child psychologist and reveals more about how she's constantly ignored by her parents her sister Olga is always the center of attention which ultimately leads to her bullying, in one flashback Helga is force to walk to preschool in the rain after her parents are too focused on Olga to take her then later is teased by everyone which results in her becoming a bully.

2 The Journal

One of the best episodes in the series the episode goes into more detail about Arnold's parents and leads to a possible follow up.

3 Arnold's Christmas

Great Christmas episode Arnold becomes secret Santa to Mr. Hyunh and finds out that Mr. Hyunh had a daughter who he gave up so she could she could have a better life, Arnold decides to help find Wyunh's daughter as his Christmas present to him

4 Stoop Kid

One of my personal favorites, Arnold attempts to help Stoop Kid overcome his fear of leaving his stoop.

5 Mr. Hyunh Goes Country

Another really well done episode Mr. Wyunh is discovered to have a very impressive singing voice and Arnold and Gerald decide to help make him a famous country singer only Mr. Hyunh doesn't really want to be famous but would rather as his songs says wants the simple things in life.

6 Dino Checks Out

A pretty depressing episode but still a good one in the episode Dino once a famous star has hit hard times with his career literally in the toilet and going through a divorce he goes missing during a boating trip and presumed dead, almost everyone is sadden by the news, Later Arnold finds out Dino now living in the boarding house faked his own death to make himself more famous or something as the episode goes on a Dino Spumoni impersonator starts becoming a huge hit and starts living better then the real Dino ever did and he becomes both jealous and frustrated for a guy who's given a lot to his fans and only to be replaced by an impersonator.

7 Haunted Train

One of the first spooky episodes after hearing Grandpa's story of an alleged Haunted Train Arnold, Gerald and Helga decide to find out if its real and surprisingly everything from the story starts coming true only to find out there is no haunted train and it was all just made up or so we thought as it turns out there is a real haunted train.

8 Arnold's Halloween

Great Halloween episode that sees Arnold and the gang trying to prank the grown ups by airing a phony report of aliens taking over and the kids dressing up as aliens and of course everyone actually believes it causing panic and chaos and the kids being chased by the grown ups.

9 Downtown as Fruits

The first episode I ever watched from Hey Arnold, was a very memorable episode with Arnold and Gerald being stuck downtown in their play costumes and running into a whole lotta trouble.

10 Full Moon

I kind of liked this episode Harold and friends moon Principle Warts and Arnold ends up in trouble for not snitching on them and the rest of the episode consists of Harold worrying about Arnold turning them in and in the end they fess up.