Egnomac's Top 10 Least Favorite Hey Arnold Episodes

My personal least favorite episodes of Hey Arnold and if you do like these episodes as always that's great.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten Egnomac's Least Favorite Hey Arnold Episodes

1 Arnold Betrays Iggy

The most hated episode of Hey Arnold there are a lot of problems with this episode, Arnold finds out Iggy wearing bunny pajamas for absolutely no reason then he makes him promise not to tell next day Sid and Stinky miraculously guess that iggy wears bunny pajamas without Arnold ever saying anything he tells them not to tell anyone and of course they tell everyone and since Arnold is the only one who knows of iggy's secret he's furious at Arnold fpr blabbing to everyone even though he never said a word, iggy then agrees to forgive Arnold by making him walking out in public in his bunny pajamas and have everyone laugh at him but then overhears that Stinky and Sid were the ones who told everyone and Arnold never actually told them he tries to stop it but too late as Arnold is humiliated and laughed at by everyone.

2 Hookey

Not my favorite episode, Arnold and Gerald play hookey to get a break from school but spend the entire episode avoid getting caught that they have a terrible time and when they decide to finally go back to school and confess it turns out there's a surprise carnival and they missed it completely unrealistic ending.

3 Olga Gets Engaged

I really really hate this episode Olga gets engaged to a new guy but at first Bob and Miriam aren't thrilled at the news even admitting that how horrible marriage is with Miriam stating 'Don't make the same mistake I did" admitting their marriage was a mistake even Helga isn't to thrilled by him until she learns his actually a con man and chooses not to tell her hoping she'll have a miserable life until after talking to Arnold and deciding to do something about it.

4 Stinky Goes Hollywood

Stinky becomes the new Yahoo soda kid and starts feeling good about himself until he learns the real reason why he was chosen and then gives up all the fame and money followed by his father crying over Stinky giving everything up a really upsetting episode.

5 Timberly Loves Arnold

Arnold uses Timberly's crush on him so Lila will continue hanging out with him such an awful episode.

6 Sid's Revenge

Sid gets unfairly punished by Principle Wartz for something that wasn't even his fault and seeks revenge by carving a bar of soap into Principle Wartz to place a curse on him then during unusual circumstances he actually thinks he killed Principle Wartz this episode really makes no real sense.

7 Biosquare

Arnold and Helga are force to stay inside a green house for 24 hours for an experiment its nothing I haven't seen before.

8 The List

Arnold tries to complete a legendary List for a kids perfect Saturday but everything goes horribly wrong not a good episode.

9 Benchwarmer

Jerk coach Wittenburg benches Arnold all for not passing the ball to his son Tucker who he's trying to make into the star player of the team.

10 Curly Snaps

Curly goes ballistic when he's not picked for ball monitor and takes the balls hostage and holds up in principle wartz office, really all this cause he wasn't picked for ball monitor duty.