Egnomac's Top 10 Least Favorite King of the Hill Episodes

My personal least favorite King of the Hill episodes honorable or rather dishonorable mentions include; Lost in My Space, Behind Closed Doors, Church Hopping, I Remember Mono, Cheer Factor, The Wedding of Bobby Hill, Bobby on Track, I'm with Cupid,.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Uh-Oh! Canada

Horrible episode that bashes Canadians and portrays them as complete jerks.

2 Lupe's Revenge

Peggy accidentally abducts a mexican girl then faces kidnapping charges.

3 Racist Dawg

I personally didn't like this episode Ladybird Hank's dog bites a repairman who just happens to be black and the whole town thinks Hank and Ladybird are racist it just makes the whole episode very unconformable The one thing I really hated about this episode is how everyone just vilifies Hank and deems him racist even though his not even Peggy sides against him.

4 The Petriot Act

Hank takes part in pet program in which they take care of the pet of a soldier hoping for a dog but instead gets a vicious cat and Hank is force to pay the cats ridiculous hospital bills using money that was suppose to go towards the family trip.

5 Junkie Business

Hank hires a guy over someone who's more qualified and is a woman who dosen't like football and it turns out he's a drug addict, Hank tries to fire him only for him to use a legal trick to avoid any responsibility and being fired then there's the pointless B plot with Peggy thinking that Hank passed on the woman from earlier because he really wants her.

6 Get Your Freak Off

Another episode I really hate, Hank tries to control the music Bobby listens too, later during a concert he becomes horrified at seeing Bobby a friend dancing provocatively and goes out of his way to remove anything Bobby likes that would be considered to inappropriate then the B plot consists of Peggy trying to convince Nancy and Minh that Hank is sexy.

7 The Witches of East Arlen
8 Hanks Bully

I really hate this episode Hank is bullied by a little kid who's parent's refuse to do anything about it.

9 Life: A Loser's Manuel

Luanne is super annoying in this episode she freaks out after finding out Lucky doesn't have a credit card then complains about wanting to have her baby have a normal family, then we get to the main story Peggy's brother Hoyt comes to stay with them who she said has been working in the oil rig to escape his homicidal wife but in reality has been in prison, Peggy lied about it to keep Luanne being upset but of course Hoyt has intention of changes his way and goes back to his old habits Peggy assures Hank she can help him but it proves hopeless ash she's force to bail him out after he owes money using Luan as leverage, later Hoyt while with Lucky at a restaurant steals money from the register and tricks Lucky into taking the fall, in the end Peggy & Hank get Hoyt his third strike and gets Lucky off with the promise never to tell Luanne about Hoyt going to prison.

10 Trans-Fascism

Arlen enforces a ban on trans fats and Hank is roped into helping Buck run an illigal food truck to sell trans fat foods and then faces competition from another rival food truck, this episode clearly shows that banning trans fats dosen't work and only causes more problems.