Top Ten Home Alone Movies

This is just my personal opinion for the top ten. So sad the series is over.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Home Alone 30: The End Begins

Of course, we all know this movie was the beginning of a 7-movie long climax to this fantastic story. When the living Marv turned out to be an alien... that was crazy!

2 Home Alone 36: All Together

Ah yes, the final movie in this amazing saga. It was such a happy ending. That final fight scene against Lord Wonther was amazing and probably had the most complicated traps.

3 Home Alone 12: Criminally Childish

What a backstory! Seeing the origins of Harry and Marv has you notice so much in the other movies. For instance, the toy train in Home Alone 7. If you've seen the movie, you know what I'm talking about.

4 Home Alone 6: Lost in Orlando

We get to see Alex for the second time, and having him wind up in Florida was brilliant. It was a bit like HA2, but this time the Disney World rides were worked into the ending villain catch.

5 Home Alone 35: War

Although this movie had a little too many fight scenes, it added a whole new perspective to the Home Alone canon. When Kevin and Harry escape from the virtual universe, that was just... Woah.

6 Home Alone 28: We Didn't Planet

A movie where Kevin and Alex have to survive on Mars alone. If you like the Martian, you'll love this movie. The fight scene between Needlewerth and Marv was great too. I didn't expect for them to kill off Marv!

7 Home Alone

Ah, the origin of this amazing 36-movie saga. Such a classic and the one that set many Home Alone traditions.

8 Home Alone 22: Everyone's Alone

What an introduction for our main villain, Lord Wonther! True devastation. Having to escape to Asia changed the series entirely. There was also great romantic tension between Kevin and Lani.

9 Home Alone 10: The Coliseum

The B plot was excellent. Lani is alone in a castle, and it's a very fairy-talesque story. Harry and his brother team up to raid the tower. The A plot was wonderful too. The Darkness (who we later learn is Lord Wonther) has all the demons of the underworld fight to the death and seeing Needlewerth rise to the top is amazing.

10 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

The first time we got a Home Alone sequel. Probably filled with the most foreshadowing easter eggs. Having Kevin set in New York makes it crazy.