Top 10 Five Nights at Freddy's Game Ideas


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1 Fnaf universe

Fnaf world was a prequel to sister location. Fnaf universe would be a fnaf world style version of sister location that answers most of the questions that are not big or related to the storyline too much. - PlatinumKane

2 Five nights at freddy's: endo's revenge (a prequel)

It'll explain the bite of '87. And put the night guard in the spotlight. He might've been involved in the bite of '87 who knows. - PlatinumKane

3 Fnaf psycho blackout 4 <custom nights 2>

This one includes school nights, the clown room, the asylum 2, the worker exchange program, the asylum 3, freddy's retirement gift, foxy's retirement gift, and william afton's night out. To name a few. - PlatinumKane

4 Five Nights at Freddy's: psycho blackout
5 Fnaf psycho blackout 3 <custom nights>

This one includes the asylum, girls night out 2, bonnie's birthday, endopocalypse, the animatronic exchange program, the other side: freddy, the other side 2: foxy, the other side 3: chica, and the buddy barn. To name a few. - PlatinumKane

6 Fnaf (creepypasta edition jeff the killer, jane the killer, slenderman and more)

It'd be amazing just think about it. - PlatinumKane

7 The puppet master's invasion <scott korthon's revenge>
8 Five nights at the afton's
9 Fnaf dimension

Sorry, I'm running out of ideas - PlatinumKane

10 Five nights at freddy's 6

I'm really really really running out of ideas. - PlatinumKane

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