Egnomacs Top 10 Least Favorite Family Guy Episodes

This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Screams of Silence

The most uncomfortable episode nearly everything in this episode disgusts me the episode begins with Quagmire in the hospital after hanging himself while watching clown porn, then from there it becomes a non stop snuff film as Quagmire's sister comes to visit along with her abusive boyfriend Jeff who relentlessly abuses her throughout the episode both verbally and physically and despite Joe being a cop he refuses to arrest Jeff stating he can't arrest him until Brenda files a police report in which we all know she's not gonna do that since she's too emotionally damaged to do so, it only gets worst the characters decide to stage an intervention for Brenda and not Jeff the abuser the episode ends with Quagmire killing Jeff pretty much the only satisfying moment in the episode.

2 Seashorse Seashell Party

A majority of the episode just consists of the characters doing nothing then we have Brian on mushrooms and hallucinates easy to see where most of the budget went towards, the episode nearly redeems itself after Meg tells off her family and call them out on all the horrible things they've done to her and their flaws but of course they throw all that out the window and have Meg apologize for what she said looking to be a lightning rod for her family so they won't turn on each other, to that I say hell no after all the horrible things they've done to her they're the ones who should apologize to her.

3 Tiegs for Two

The only part of the episode I liked was the part with Peter and Mr. Wishy Washy the rest of the episode centers on Brian taking Quagmire class in picking up woman then both trying to spite each other by dating each others former ex just a bad episode.

4 Herpe the Love Sore

This episode is disgusting, Stewie saved your life Brian and this is how you repay him by giving him herpes and worst he never apologizes for his actions.

5 Brian & Stewie

A really boring episode its just Brian and Stewie being stuck in a vault for the entirety of the episode with no cutaway gags or anything else to make it more bearable.

6 Brian's a Bad Father

The episode says it all Brian's a bad father is right after spending years completely avoiding his son Dillon he finds out he's now on a successful actor on a T.V. show and decides now he wants to meet up with him so he can be a writer on the show and further his own career and of course he ends up ruining it resulting in Dillon resenting Brian, but it all works out in the end but the episode was still horrible.

7 Jerome Is the New Black

The part with Peter and Jerome wasn't the problem the real problem with this episode is with Brian and Quagmire where he tells off Brian pointing out every one of his flaws which makes him a hypocrite as he's in no position to call Brian out as he himself had done a lot of what Brian does including trying to hit on Lois and sleeping with thousands of women and has kids who he's never been there for.

8 Peter-assment

Peter gets sexually harrased by his boss Angela and when he tells Lois she just laughs and says men can't get sexually harrased by a woman because all men secretly like being harrased by a woman such an awful episode.

9 Brian the Closer

The problems with this episode Brian's teeth are violently broken by Peter's stupidity and despite Quagmire hating him he offers him help for his teeth with his new teeth he becomes real estate agent and later dupes Quagmire into buying a real crappy house seriously the guy helped you out Brian despite him hating you and this is how you repay him, Quagmire then attempts at tracking Brian down before the deal closes he finally tracks him down but Brian stalls long enough to close the deal a Quagmire violently punches him breaking all his teeth again.

10 Quagmire's Mom

Quagmire gets in trouble after he unknowingly has sex with an underage girl and goes to court and Quagmire explains the reason for his behavior is because of his neglectful mother, now here's the problem with this Quagmire's mother being a bad mother does not excuse the fact that he unknowingly had sex with a minor rather than take any responsibility like an adult he blames his mom.