My Least Favorite Characters.

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The Top Ten

1 May (Pokemon)
2 Toast  (Object Mayhem)

Everyone hates her, and I can see why. I hate her so much. Kinda like May, except the one characteristic that they share, their love for food, is even worse with Toast. - SapphireBirchTheBest

3 Star Butterfly (SVTFOE)

Annoying stereotype that uses a stupid wand and her art disgusts me to high heavens. Mr.Enter did an Admirable Animation on "Mewni-Dependence day, or whatever. I like Mr.Enter, but lost a little bit of hope for him after this. - SapphireBirchTheBest

4 Serena (Pokemon)

Stereotypical character that is so annoying and came ONLY to crush on Ash. Pokemon Performing? She doesn't even like her Pokemon. We all know that. She cannot do anything right. - SapphireBirchTheBest

5 Dawn  (Pokemon)

OK, some character development. Still bad. REALLY bad. My brother asked me about it, and I didn't care. Platina Berlitz is 10000 times better than her. So good, powerful, pretty. Dawn? What drugs are they on? Son of a...

6 Misty  (Pokemon)

She's a short-tempered, prissy that blames her sister, scared of bugs, and chooses who she will be nice too. I have to ask, what kind of sick crackhead is this. She deserves to be here. She's just so unappealing, rude, and annoying. Loser.

7 I will not even say

That's a nickname for the hell known as... Ever watch Jacob630's videos? You know what I mean - SapphireBirchTheBest

8 Caillou
9 Dora
10 Barney

Rancid morals, annoying kids, a dinosaur, and his friends? Why does this even exist? I hope it dies. - SapphireBirchTheBest

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