Top 10 Things Disney1994 Wishes Were True, but Knows Aren't

This is what life would be like if EVERYONE agreed with me on EVERYTHING, and THEN I'd feel free of sin and strife.
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1 EVERYONE likes EVERYTHING that's SUPPOSED to be good, and if it's not good, then NO ONE LIKES IT

THEN I WOULDN'T have to feel like the WORST person EVER for loving Liv and Maddie OR hating Gravity Falls. Unless it's SUPPOSED to be Liv and Maddie that's bad and Gravity Falls that's good. Then I WOULDN'T like Liv and Maddie and hate Gravity Falls. And if NEITHER is good, then I wouldn't like EITHER of them. Finally, if BOTH were good, I would like BOTH OF THEM! - Disney1994

Dude, have a Snickers - RoseWeasley

I'm tired of beating on this dead horse. Like all dead horses this one has ran it's course. If he wants to pathetic then so be it, I just don't give a damn anymore.

Dude calm down. It's a matter of opinion. I like Paper Mario Sticker Star. That's an unpopular opinion, but if someone's dumb enough to hate me over it, it's their problem. - Garythesnail

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2 Nothing is your fault, unless you're a bad person

I never WANTED to turn everyone against everything I ever loved, OR towards everything I ever hated. YET I DID! And then when they say they ALREADY hated it or liked BEFORE I came, I only feel WORSE! HOW am I supposed to feel good when I know ALL my favorite shows and movies are hated, even when I actually believe them to be GOOD! OR that they're liked when I DON'T like them, EVEN WHEN THEY'RE BAD! - Disney1994

Dude, everyone can like and hate whatever they want, besides why would you care so much in the first place?! - MLPFan

3 If you have a dream, it will ALWAYS come true, and your worst nightmares WON'T

Seriously, it was my DREAM for Liv and Maddie to be as loved as Gravity Falls, if not MORE loved! It NEVER came true, and if it did, it only came true because of ME! I can't do ANYTHING without feeling like it's ALL my fault, EVEN WHEN IT ISN'T! And every time the pain FINALLY goes away, it ALWAYS comes back when you LEAST EXPECT IT! - Disney1994

The only thing on this list that I agree with. - RoseWeasley

My dream was to be a potato. I am not a potato, and that is sad. So, therefore, I agree with Disney1994 on this one. - EllaSpivey224

The rest of this list is just another pathetic attempt to get empathy, but I actually agree with this item. - 3DG20

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4 There's more good than bad to everything, and the bad is worth it because it can STILL be good

This is only true SOMETIMES. NEVER always! Other times it's THE OPPOSITE of the truth! I'm STILL convinced that I'm the WORST person EVER, and that EVERYTHING is ALWAYS my fault, even when it ISN'T! If it was TRUE that everything is good, it WOULDN'T be possible to hate good shows, OR enjoy BAD ones! - Disney1994

5 EVERYONE shares the opinions you have that you WANT to be shared, whether they're about your favorites or LEAST favorites

I ALWAYS wanted Liv and Maddie to be as good as I said it was. Then I found out that it NEVER was! Sanjay and Craig was also like that. I expected EVERYONE to hate it, but it STILL got mostly positive reviews according to Wikipedia. I even checked the sources and they were right. And guess what? They even PRAISED the fact that it has gross stuff and slapstick that in real life could get you killed. That's what I HATED about this show. Except for the three episodes I liked. They weren't like that. But that's the thing. I didn't WANT Sanjay and Craig to be good, just like I didn't want Liv and Maddie to be bad. BUT THEY ARE! - Disney1994

Most of us here hate Sanjay And Craig. Sanjay and Craig is one of the worst shows ever created.

Why do you have such ridiculous and authoritarian beliefs.Also why are you going emo just for liking a T.V. show.-TheCoolGuy1

Ok.I have some stuff to say.

1.Stop being such a full blown emo just because of a T.V show(I know not all emos are depressed or sad but the most hardcore ones are)
2.Respect peoples opinions.Different opinions is usually a good thing and it would be boring if everyone had the exact same opinion.
3.Why were you trying to be an attention seeker because of another users death.

You probably wont read this.-LitSavage

6 You can like ANYTHING you want to, or DISLIKE it, WITHOUT knowing that someone, SOMEWHERE disagrees

Because THEN Liv and Maddie would be good, UNLESS I wanted it to be bad! Same with Sanjay and Craig. Sanjay and Craig wouldn't even BE on the best lists if that were true. And Liv and Maddie wouldn't be on the WORST lists either! - Disney1994

But if everyone agreed with you’re opinions, the world would be boring. For example, I like Adventure Time But I know many people that don’t. Because of this, we get to share why we have these opinions, and see each other’s views on the show. - AliciaMae

7 If you DON'T want something to happen, it WON'T

If this were true, Liv and Maddie would have NEVER been voted for as one of the worst shows ever, UNLESS I WANTED IT TO BE! Same for Sanjay and Craig on the best. But even when I first came, Liv and Maddie was #29 on the Worst T.V. Shows, and then I looked at the webarchive of that list and found it was even #22 before I came. - Disney1994

We can't control what life throws at us, but we can control our reactions to them - TwilightKitsune

Well, life is unexpected and doesn't go as planned. I suggest you just go with the flow. - DankGodX

Life isn't all about candy canes and ice cream -_- - MLPFan

8 If you make a mistake on accident, EVERYONE will forgive you if they know you didn't do it on purpose

My life has NEVER been like it. EXCEPT for my friends and family. But they STILL don't know EVERYTHING. And they STILL say the EXACT same thing as everyone else, that different opinions are a GOOD thing. - Disney1994

When I made a mistake, my parents/friends and over half of my grade would hate me for It (no joke) - MLPFan

I always make many mistakes and learn from them! - Sugarcubecorner

9 If you have everything you've ever wanted AND needed, you can STILL be grateful for it and NOT be a brat for that

Only my friends and family believe this. But I keep telling them how I STILL do the worst things ever, and DON'T learn. I even told them ALL about the time I said the starving people in Africa don't have to feel guilt over liking hated T.V. shows, and how I should have died instead of Disneyanime1234, and they STILL don't think I was wrong, or if they did, they STILL forgive me. I would have NEVER said that stuff if I didn't believe it. Also, they don't think Liv and Maddie are brats either. I WISH I could believe that. Grandma even said she believed BOTH of them to be nice girls, but I can't believe it because I KNOW it isn't true. - Disney1994

10 Only bad people are sinners who hate wholesome stuff and like bad stuff

I thought for SURE people like AlphaQ would be bad if they hate The Lion King AND The Fox and the Hound, but he isn't. Same with when I talked to Adventurur2 and he admitted he likes Sanjay and Craig. I only want to like stuff that IS good, NOT stuff that's awful! - Disney1994

If you really think Spongebob is a more "wholesome" show overall than Rocko before it, then there's something seriously wrong with you; no offense, pal, but seriously - xandermartin98

At first I kind of felt bad for you, but after reading this list's entries, I see the truth. You need to grow up. It's the internet. You can't expect people to agree with you. It's normal to be ridiculed. If I were well known on this site, I probably would have been a million times over. I no longer pity you. - Sop

Seriously, just wait. It’s going to be alright, please stop grieving about people not agreeing with you.

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1. EVERYONE likes EVERYTHING that's SUPPOSED to be good, and if it's not good, then NO ONE LIKES IT
2. Nothing is your fault, unless you're a bad person
3. There's more good than bad to everything, and the bad is worth it because it can STILL be good