Things that Should Happen to Babymouse

Babymouse sucks
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Put tape on her mouth

If babymouse had tape on her mouth she would be "muffled talking" typical

2 Make her scream so loud her head will explode
3 Take away every single character except for Felicia Furrypaws

Felicia is cool and fun and babymouse is stupid and boring

4 They get rid of Babymouse tales from the locker, too.

Yes, brattymouse got a new book Series on July 2017. It's called babymouse tales from the locker. There are currently 2 books so far

5 A tiger eats Babymouse
6 She and her brother, squeak, fall into a volcano

They would come out of the volcano all burnt and dead.

that would be funny!

7 Make a book where Babymouse has diarrhea

It will be called Babymouse has diarrhea

The first page shows Babymouse having a can of beans, spicy chicken wings, and hot sauce for breakfast before school. The next page shows her with her best friend Wilson the Weasel at school in the hallway talking to each other. Babymouse walks up to her locker, but then her stomach starts hurting. She starts farting in front of Wilson, and in the next page she explodes with diarrhea. All the other animals in the school start laughing their heads off at and Babymouse, who starts running out of the school crying. THE END.

8 She falls into a bottomless pit and dies
9 Make her adventures in her books go horribly wrong
10 Make a book where Babymouse pees her pants

It will be called Babymouse pees her pants

The first page shows Babymouse at school in the hallway. Babymouse says she's thirsty, and drinks from a water fountain near her. Babymouse then walks to her classroom. When she and her class are doing a lesson on something, Dora asks the teacher if she can use the restroom. The teacher says "no" every time she asks. Babymouse's bladder starts dropping, and eventually she pees her pants. The puddle is literally three feet big. The students laugh at her, and then Babymouse runs out of school crying. THE END.