My Top 10 Favorite Baby Einstein Videos 2.0

This is my new Baby Einstein ranking list
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 World Animals

World Animals is my favorite video because it's very nostalgic to me. It's been my favorite ever since I was very young because of the awesome music, interesting animal footage, and creative toys and puppet shows.

2 Neighborhood Animals

This video is also very nostalgic to me, but I've always liked World Animals better because there are a lot of improvements and I was scared of some stuff from Neighborhood Animals when I was little.

3 Baby Galileo

Just as nostalgic as the animal videos. I have a huge interest in space and the kangaroo puppets are creative. I'm pretty sure this is the first Baby Einstein video I ever watched.

4 Baby Mozart

All I can say is that Mozart is my favorite composer and the toys are awesome. This is also the video that made Baby Einstein well known.

5 Baby Van Gogh

Baby Van Gogh has a very good variety of music and puppets. The toys are also really good and Van Gogh's paintings are awesome too.

6 Baby Shakespeare

I love Baby Shakespeare a lot, but it just couldn't make the top 5. I really like the puppet shows and music videos, and I appreciate the poetry. But I used to be scared of 5 or 6 parts of the video so that could be part of the reason why it's at #6. It's still just as phenomenal as the top 5.

7 Baby Newton

Why so much hate on the CGI? It's actually pretty good. The toys and puppet shows in this video are very creative and interesting too. This video is very underrated and deserves more praise.

8 Baby Bach

It could be as good as Baby Mozart, but I don't think it is because it isn't as nostalgic and there a couple parts that are slightly boring.

9 Numbers Nursery

This video is a little overrated, but I still really like it because it has a high nostalgia level and there is a great variety of puppets.

10 Language Nursery

Another underrated video! It might not have classical music or puppet shows, but the toys are awesome, and after all, it is the first Baby Einstein video!